Secret to making your dress shoe like new.

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Secret to making your dress shoe like new.
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The condition of your shoes is as important as the clothes you wear and the condition of your hair and of course your general hygiene.  The shoes make the man and they should always look there best Its important to learn everything you need to know about proper shoe care and how the condition and the style of your shoes speaks volumes about you to others.    dont let your shoes tell lies about you because they dont look as good as they did when they where new.  Believe it or not, they can look even better than when they where new! If you take proper care of them.  for instance did you know that brand new shoes dont automatically come polished?
Any one who knows anything will tell you to polish new shoes right away before you even wear them.  Why? what exactly does polish do?  The obvious is that they make new shoes look better.  But also polishing also protects them by helping to keep them from cracking and to repel against stains and makes them easier to clean when they do get dirty.
Recommended supplies:
Shine brush and large dauber brush made with 100% horse hair. dauber is for applying the cleaner and conditioner.  The shining brush for buffine the shoe after applying polish and then again after applying the clear coat sealer wax.
Next you need four separate cloths, one for wiping off excess cleaner and conditioner one for applying polish and one for applying the clear coat sealer and the fourth one is a special spritzing cloth that is used to briskly rub the leather back and forth.  this by the way is the real secret to that awsome new shine look!  By spraying the spritzing cloth lightly with water you then rub the leather in a very fast motion. this creates heat and as the leather heats up for the rubbing the water dries and you are left with a very high gloss or shine and it also helps get the conditioner and polish deep into the leather so they will stay nice and supple.  Buy using a good quality conditioner and polish this will keep the leather or skin nice and supple and plyable.  This is the reason most shoe crack because the lack of proper care.

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