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Secret about Gemstones, Crystals, Diamond hidden powers

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Secret about Gemstones, Crystals, Diamond hidden powers
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An Introduction To Diamond power

Gemstones have fascinated mankind since prehistoric times.  Beyond their intrinsic beauty, these special crystals can somehow focus the miraculous hidden energy of the universe, energy that can be directed toward spiritual awareness and realization. 

Indeed, the ancients found that certain gemstones, worn originally for their decorative value, seemed to bring a peace of mind to the wearer.  Later they realized that the magic stones could even affect bodily healing. 

They began to study and collect information on the stones.  Much of this valuable data has been lost to us in the past few centuries, as our attentions have turned away form spiritual life to more worldly concerns.

We have expended our valuable energy building technology and empires, which can serve us only during our brief worldly encounter, and have ignored the vast time we must spend elsewhere.
 Miraculously, and to our good fortune, some of this priceless information has recently been recovered.  New disclosures on the effects of gemstones have been made available through trance "channelers," who have brought back to us information lost thousands, even millions of years ago.  ("Channeling," a recently publicized phenomenon is a process whereby a psychic enters a deep state of meditation and allows his or her consciousness to be temporarily set aside so that other, more evolved souls may enter the body and use it to communicate information. The channeler often has no conscious recall of the information discussed in a trance, necessitating the presence of a scribe so that the information can be recorded.)

 Although many of the beneficial effects of gemstones are not directly explainable by our limited knowledge of the physical world, we do know that all gemstones possess a crystalline structure. 

Crystalline structures can collect, focus, and emit electromagnetic energy.  In fact, the physical properties of crystals, both natural and man-made, our fascination in and of themselves, and are yet to be fully explored.

 Even though our scientific understanding of crystals is incomplete, we have learned to put the power of crystals to practical use in many ways.  We cannot go through our day without coming into contact with the emissions of a nearby man-made crystal.  

       Crystals transmit and receive radio waves, power our quarts watches, set the timing on our home computers, and even release the sound energies recorded on our favorite records.

 But what is this power? How does it work? Scientists have long known that a crystal set in an energy field will collect and focus that energy. 

They also know that if a crystal is squeezed, it will release its own internal energy (the piezoelectric effect). 

Yet science is not even close to understanding how truly powerful crystals are in the more important task of focusing life energy. 

This power, not explainable by physical laws, is nonetheless revealed by the way crystals focus ordinary energy. 

 Of all the natural crystals, Quartz is perhaps the master gemstone.  It is found throughout the world on every continent and has been long been noted for its special healing properties.  Chemically, Quartz is composed of silicon and oxygen (SiO2), a combination known to geologists as the building blocks of minerals. 

In fact, most of our planet is made up of minerals containing SiO2.  Silicon dioxide is also an important constituent of our body, which may be the physical basis for our connection to crystals.  The transfer of energy from the natural crystal to our body's silicon could have something to do with healing. 
       Quartz was one of the first crystals to be intensely studied for both its spiritual and technological properties. It was the first crystal used to transmit and receive radio waves, and it was also the first gemstone to be synthesized.  Quartz made possible the computer revolution.  (It is what makes up our electronic chips, or integrated circuits, as they are more properly known.) But some believe Quartz has other, far more important abilities.  For instance, the effects of acupuncture are reported to be increased by ten to twelve percent when the needles are coated with quartz crystal.  Quartz also enhances muscle testing and protects individuals from certain kinds of radiation.  These are only the known properties.  Much more needs to be learned about this powerful absorber and emitter, capable of both protecting the body and nourishing it by regulating energy flows.  But fortunately, it is not necessary to completely understand this remarkable gemstone in order to gain its benefits.  Simply obtaining a proper stone allowed you to experience and enjoy its remarkable powers.  It is, like many other gemstones, effective either when worn or just placed about the household or work area. 

 A great deal of folklore exists on the use of gemstones as good luck charms, talismans, and healing agents.  This folklore contains valuable information because so much of it is accurate.  Almost all ancient societies use gemstones in some way, either for healing or spiritual enhancement.  Even today we practice some of these ancient customs without even being aware that we are doing it.
 For example, the use of the diamond engagement ring is one of the more common ways gemstones are employed as talismans. 

Other talismans such as bells, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, signets, and seals may include crystals in their design to give added power.  Without even being aware of it we are purposely experiencing the effects of crystals. 

Many people don't feel comfortable unless they are wearing their favorite ring or piece of jewelry incorporating a specific gemstone, and yet they don't know why they feel that way. 
          Traditionally gemstones have often been used in conjunction with various planets and constellations of the zodiac.  The use of birthstones expresses the ancient belief that certain stones bring luck and protection.  But birthstones actually offer a way to link the cosmic forces of the sky with the crystal energies of the earth in order to exploit the maximum power of both.  Astrological forces interlink with gemstone crystal energy because, in their positioning and exposure to the planets, gemstones absorb and store particular resonances.  They are, in a sense, a way of "tuning" your individual body to the flow of energy through the universe. 
 Birthstones are important as primary receivers and can occasionally amplify the power of certain other crystals on our body and within our spiritual field.  The gemstones associated with different zodiac signs have the ability to isolate and store direct stellar influences.  They also allow other influences to pass through them, amplifying or eliminating those powers according to how their interference patterns interact within the crystal structure. 
 Exposure to the various birthstone crystals can enhance health within any individual, even those not born under any particular sign.  The qualities are maximized by, but not limited to, those born in a particular house.  Health may be promoted within the physical form by the isolation of the property associated with each gemstone.  Study the properties and qualities assigned to each stone according to popular astrological interpretations in order to understand what specific benefits may be gained. 
 Each mineral crystal listed in this encyclopedia has its special influence, function, and vibration.  Inherent within the evolution of the mineral kingdom are the vibratory rates that heal, energize, attune, and uplift the spirit of our inner beings.  There are no two crystals exactly alike, as there are no two identical snowflakes.  The place and time of their forming and the energies present in the earth and in the cosmos affect their creation and give them particular qualities, just as the chemical impurities imbue them with individual color and luster.  As a result, each gem or mineral emits its unique musical "note." This can be heard by discerning ears, especially in the proximity of large mineral collections. 
 The energy emitted by gemstones can be tapped as long as the wearer chooses to make use of the stone.  Natural gemstones do not lose their power with age or use.  Their energy comes from the cosmos and, once activated, is eternal.  It should also be noted that natural gemstones and crystals are stronger in their powers than those that are man-made.  Although what is made by man in clinical and sterile workshops can be just as beautiful and marvelous to behold, in the last analysis, synthetic gems cannot compete with what is devised and given physical manifestation by the laws of the universe.  Gems formed artificially are made too quickly to accurately absorb and attune themselves to the vibrations of the universe.  They are mere snapshots compared to powerful natural stones formed over millions of years. 
 Many of the concepts being outlined here may at first seem overwhelming to the novice interested in tapping the power of crystals.  Fortunately, however, gemstone crystals work on the body of the wearer in the household or workplace regardless of whether or not their properties are understood by the user.  Still, the properties can be influenced by the minds of those involved in the making or wearing of any item indicated, and an understanding of the proper use of these powerful stones is important.  Never forget that their misuse can have consequences as well.  If you are not sure of the properties of a particular stone, check with an expert before accepting it into your life. 
 Much folklore speaks of good luck and bad.  With crystals, however, there is no such thing as lucky or unlucky stone.  In some areas of the world, magnetic force fields around certain gems and pieces of jewelry are created for the purpose of personal dominations and imposition of one's will over another.  But mostly, we are led or attracted to a certain gem or crystal, consciously or unconsciously, to seek some form of vibrational additive that in many cases can be supplied only by the specific gem or mineral.  Many people see a stone and experience a sudden impulsive desire to own it.  They don't know why, but they want to have that particular gem in their possession, either to carry in their pocket or to wear on their hand or around their neck. When this occurs there is generally a need for that particular gemstone's vibrational additive.  Even when you consciously attempt to select a crystal, during handling one or more crystals will always seem "right" for your own reasons.  This should be respected.  Although similar classes of crystals exhibit similar qualities and therefore would all be expected to have the desired effect, the one selected by feel is usually the optimum for fulfilling the prevailing need. 
Throughout our lives we live with and are affected by crystal energy whether we know it or not, and whether we like it or not.  We have been generally guided to live in the geographical location of our daily existence by the effects of crystals.  We are led to move toward or away from areas of high mineral content, as their vibrations are a constant additive to our auric field and unconsciously affect much of our daily routine.  Certain spaces feel more comfortable to us than others, certain locations feel right and nurturing, and yet we cannot put our finger on why.  Have you ever considered that this is because of local mineral formations interacting with your personal fields?
 Gemstones are believed to affect the body by influencing the etheric web that lies just outside the field of vision.  Human bodies are surrounded by an electromagnetic field that is sometimes visible in special pictures known as Kirlian photographs.  This field can be, and often is, charged with electricity.  We all know about walking on a carpet with rubber shoes and touching a ground source or another person.  We receive a shock of static electricity conducted through our auric field.  Gemstones also have their fields of electrical energy that, when worn on the body or carried in close proximity to a person, will affect the body of the person as well.  The size and shape of the field is determined by how the mineral was formed.  This is why synthetic gems are rarely as powerful or effective.  They simply do not carry the same natural field of energy needed to assimilate with the complex aura of a living being.  Although they may appear to work in a general way, the effects are likely to be synthetic vitamins are incomplete.  Man-made stones must remain, at best, a second choice.  They do not contain all the myriad trace elements present in natural stones any more than synthetic vitamins contain all the complexity of the natural variety. 
 The final thing to remember about gemstones: they are not a panacea for all problems.  They are guides that focus energies and help us get in touch with the universal forces that surround us.  But they are not forces themselves, merely the reflections of energies that are already present and are amplified and tuned for our use, not our misuse.  Misuse of the powers guided into us by crystals can have negative consequences.  Some believe that the civilization of Atlantis, said to have developed a high degree of understanding of crystal use, was destroyed as a result of misuse of this tremendous power.  Use crystals wisely and sparingly, and remember that the goal is to obtain understanding of, and control over, your personal auric field.  Eventually you will put aside the crystal, after it has done its work.  It is not meant to be a permanent crutch but rather a guide and companion into the world of spiritual awareness. 


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