Secret Wholesalers

Having been in the selling world for many years I have heard people talk about the Secret Wholesalers.  Well “Secret” would be a great term for them because they do not exist.

Really, think about it, they are secret and no one knows about them?  How do they do business then?  How do they sell products to retailers when they are so secret?

First off, you have to know what people are actually talking about.  Secret Wholesalers are not really secret, they are companies that usually do not have a web presence.  Does that make them secret?  Not really.  Also they may be talking about Close Out sellers.  Are they wholesalers?  No, they sell out the stock that stores either can not sell or they sell the stock of stores that have been closed due to one reason or another.

With a great many of them you can get really good deals (close out sellers that is).  I remember three years ago I was able to scoop up 100 DVDs for under $100.  Out of them I retailed 11 on eBay for over $20 each.  Do the math, instant profit of 100% even after fees! The rest I bulked out at a garage sale for another $5.50 each making my total income from the sale after all costs of over $600!  Total time doing the auctions was 2 hours and the garage sale was one morning.  Basically I received over $50/hour just clearing out some DVD’s.

Where did I get the DVD’s?  I received them from a close out seller.

Can you do it?  Sure you can.

I have seen close out sellers with stock ranging from Avon to Prada, Apple to Vodoo, even Banana Republic.

How much do I get them for?  Usually pennies on the dollar.  $19.99 DVD’s for $0.70.  But remember one thing, you are usually buying bulk shipments so read all the information that they give you and verify the order!

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