Sandisk Fake memory cards on eBay- which one is fake

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Sandisk Fake memory cards on eBay- which one is fake
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How to tell the difference between an original memory card to a fake one

The global phenomenon of fake memory card is growing and spreading more than ever.
This is a big issue in the memory cards industry as its getting harder and harder to tell which one is the fake one.
With this guide I hope to help a little to those who'd want to be able to know how to tell the difference.

Why is this important for the buyer:
1. The quality of the card is low- you don't get what you paid for.
2.No warranty- if the card fails, it's your problem.
3.Fake cards sometimes are divided in a wrong way which makes it more probable to fail
4.The market of the fake cards causes the raise in the prices of the real cards

How can you tell which one is fake:
To date there's no software that can tell the difference. As a consumer you should check the card- the way it looks and its performance to know if its fake or not.

The best way to get a real card is to buy it from a reliable source.

Things to notice in order to tell what is fake:

Original vs. fake

The fake card won't always have the notch, which is really easy to spot:

The front of the card does not match

Pay attention to the light red color and the fact that the real one does'nt have the TM sign next to the CF rhombus

There is no serial number on the fake one

The fake package doesn't have a hologram:


Pay attention to the low quality of printing and that fact that the text is leaning sideways

This is yet another example for the low quality of printing and the fact that the numbers are not in the middle

Look at the wrong spelling- Sorry corporation:


Look at the guides, the purchased item was Ultra II and not flash memory card, look also at the different design .

Check the preformance of the card.
You can use Sisoft Sandra to check the performance (in the picture the fake card is showed in a green line)

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