Safe Shopping for you Wedding dress Guide!

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Protect Yourself from Online Counterfeits!

Although most sellers on the Web are truthful and trustworthy, consumers face increasing risks of buying into counterfeit scams. Sadly, the sale of online counterfeits has dramatically grown in recent years. Help us help you protect yourself by following these helpful tips:

· Use authorized retailers - You can find online lists that manufacturers publish of retailers they’ve authorized to sell their wedding dresses. Don’t be afraid to ask retailers for proof that their goods are from a legitimate distributor. Don't deal with potential sellers who hid their real company name and address. They are either aren't a real authorized resellers or they are violating the vendor's policies. You are in risks of not getting your dresses if you do business with them. You can easily verify the company by simply visiting the vendors' website directly and enter the zip code to see if their name is on the 'authorized retailer' list.

· Use secure transactions - Do not make a purchase if you question the security of the transaction. Always use either PayPal or your credit card to purchase the dresses online. This way you are protected by the card issuers. If you deal with check, money order, or even cash, then the chance of you getting anything back is very slim.

· Examine the goods - Examine the labels, packaging, and contexts. Though there is no definite way to distinguish a real between a fake, watch out for suspicious signs like broken or missing seals. There are many counterfeit sellers online, but doing so will protect yourself. Take approriate action if you think you have been scammed.

· Trust your instincts. Always, always, ALWAYS, trust your instincts. If a purchase is "too good to be true," then it probably is. If you feel in any way uncomfortable, then do not follow through with the purchase. We have heard and seen this thousand of times, people would come and tell us that they found a dress much cheaper and realized that it was a cheap imitation of the dress and ruined their wedding day or they ended up paying lot more in the end to find a dress at last minute. Here is one of the many examples,

· Report counterfeit scams. If you suspect that you’ve bought a counterfeit, immediately notify the manufacturer and ask the retailer for an exchange or reimbursement. We can't tolerate imitation or counterfeit products online. We have to work together in order to fight them. And only by doing so where we can create a safe and happy shopping environment for everybody.

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