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STOP Paying Sales TAX for Diapers, Formula, Baby Needs

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Why use a Coupon for $2.00 off at your grocery store or Walmart for a large case of diapers, and then turn around and pay $3.20 in sales TAX !!!   

Use Diapers.com on the Internet.....   Use Promotion / REFERRAL Code:  BRST3227 and you will save an extra $10.00 off your first order, and $5.00 off your second order.   The prices are GREAT, they ship to your door FREE, and since they are only an Internet Store (unlike Target and Walmart), they do NOT need to collect Sales TAX !!!   You can send in your diaper coupons too, for extra savings.

Use REFERRAL Code: BRST3227 and save your extra $10.00 off.   Try it out MOM's !!! 

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