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I have been collecting Star Trek in every category since it's birth and cancellation in 1969. I have collaborated on Official Star Trek/Star Wars collectible books. I have many items from 1960s but there was very little if not for Star Trek Enterprises aka Lincoln Enterprises.

Being a collector of Silver Age Comics, Stamps, Confederate Notes etc. I present a guide on Star Trek collecting for Novices and Pros alike.

Star Trek collecting is the largest collecting hobby in the world, higher than stamps ,coins, comics or any other entertainment  category.

Virtually EVERYTHING Star Trek is collectible but what is worth money.

You collect what you want because collecting makes you happy!

Today is a Star Trek collectors dream because Star Trek 2009 is the new kid on the block and the market is flooded with previous Star Trek shows/movie estate items.

WORTH MONE Y (What's out there?)

Basically ANYTHING Licensed Star Trek ©PP - ©CBS

(Remember to keep the packaging & papers.)

  • Original Star Trek items from the shows and movies (of course)
  • Items from Star Trek TOS (most popular)
  • Recognized items used on the show as props - unaltered (dickel bottles, salt shakers, jajaco playing cards, 3D Checkers etc.)
  • Stuff from Old Star Trek Enterprises aka Lincoln Enterprises (keep the envelopes)
  • PP Authorized Prop reproductions from Richard A. Coyle, Ed Miarecki, Steve Horch/Mike Moore, Brad Nelson, Max Cervantes, John Long, JT Kirk. Like in all areas of collecting, You NEED provenance by these makers. A prop with no name has generally no Star Trek collectors value as indicated in the Official Guide to Star Trek, Star Wars Collectibles. (only Star Trek prop collectors value, a smaller dedicated group who recognize the makers)
  • All old items from the 1970s era, magazine with Star Trek articles etc.
  • Old fliers, catalogs from the 60s-70s era (this is really overlooked)
  • Limited items or low run items
  • Canceled, recalled or banned items (ex. The 20th Century Phaser Kit)
  • First of a run items
  • Low run items
  • Authentic autographs, you got in person (mostly fake on ebay)
  • Toys (these fall into a second category that increases in value)
  • Mego figures (1974) since Diamond Select Toys (2007) Retros are re-introduced
  • Star Trek Games
  • Promotional items
  • Mail Away Star Trek items
  • Star Trek Posters
  • Star Trek Playing Cards
  • Star Trek Patches (sealed) usually have ©PP sewn in.
  • Trading Cards (these fall into a second category of non-sport cards)
  • The 1967 US Star Trek Leaf Set, The 1967 UK Star Trek Leaf Set (overlooked)
  • Trading card promos and special incentive cards
  • Gold & Silver Star Trek items
  • Star Trek Stamps
  • Star Trek Music (mostly out of print)
  • Star Trek real currency
  • Out of print books, publications, comics etc.
  • Yearly produced items ex. Hallmark
  • Franklin Mint items because they stopped selling Star Trek
  • LPs (these fall into a second category)
  • Star Trek Pins (there was a craze in the 1990s Hollywood Pins, now defunct)
  • Star Trek Fanzines (overlooked)
  • Magazines with Star Trek articles, many did articles on Classic Star Trek
  • Star Trek Convention Programs (overlooked)
  • Star Trek 35MM Film Clips & Movie Trailers, Teasers
  • Half frame 35MM from Lincoln Enterprises (ran while they filmed the show)
  • Star Trek Movie One-Sheets (the original posters you see at theaters)
  • Movie Programs, first four Star Trek Movies
  • Star Trek Lobby Cards
  • Star Trek Press Kits for Movies /TV or anything about Star Trek
  • Star Trek Enterprise stuff ( little was made on this Star Trek installment)
  • Star Trek Plates (prices are at a all time low, get them)
  • Star Trek Mugs, Glasses
  • Star Trek Models Kits, original and reissues (AMT, Ertel, Polar Lights etc.)
  • Masterpiece Models Star Trek Phaser 2 Resin Kit
  • The John Long Star Trek Phaser Kit (2800 worldwide, read my Phaser Kit Review)
  • The John Long Star Trek Classic Communicator 2008
  • Early Rodd.comm props with Star Trek & COA ©PP
  • Items by "Mama Trek" Bjo Trimble (^signed are required for early items that can be copied)
  • Items by "Grandma Trek" Shirley Maiewski R.I.P. , and other chair persons of "The Star Trek Wellcomittee" aka "The Yellow Pages of Star Trek" ( Jeanne Haueisen, Helen Young ) Founded in 1972, the Star Trek Welcommittee was a national organization set up to help new Star Trek fans network, find local clubs, answer questions about the show, and act as a clearinghouse for information regarding Star Trek fanzines. Copies of the Star Trek Welcommittee publications, letters from the editors, chair persons (this is a lost area of how fandom communicated and survived)
  • Items made by Super Fans alive or deceased (ex. Geoffrey Mandel, *Mike McMaster, **Frans Joseph)
Original items sold by persons associated directly with Star Trek, ex. Dean Jefferies, Rick Sternback, David Gerrold etc. Remember ORIGINAL is the keyword here, prints are mostly color copies with an autograph. Then it is an autograph on a copy! Stickers are a touchy issue, they are easily made.  David Gerrold has sold so many Tribbles it's hard to believe there are any originals left, but K-9 was a large Space Station ;)

^Bjo Trimble (known in ST Fandom as Mama Trek) created The Star Trek Concordance, The Third Season Supplement to The Star Trek Concordance and Star Trek Concordance Color Book 1. The concept for this reference book was based on a privately-printed fandom publication established by Dorthy Jones Heydt in 1968 as an unofficial guide to TOS and TAS. It was later endorsed by Paramount Pictures. Bjo was responsible for the "SST Letter Campaign" aks Save Star Trek which eventually resurrected Star Trek. She also spearheaded the movement to have NASA's first space shuttle dubbed Enterprise. The Concordance was sold to Ballantine Books and published in 1976. Photocopies of the Fan Produced Concordance made it worthless unless *signed.  In 1995 an updated  Star Trek Concordance included the animated series and the six feature films. Bjo Trimble never paid to use the Star Trek name as she was considered to have one of the greatest influences on Star Trek Fandom. ( Hello Betty JoAnne ;) )

 Geoffrey T. Mandel is a production artist and designer who was the scenic artist for Star Trek: Insurrection, the sixth and seventh seasons of Star Trek: Voyager, and the first season of Star Trek: Enterprise. Prior to this, however, he was a production assistant in the art department of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine in 1994 and was also involved in the production of Star Trek Generations. More recently he was a graphic designer on 2009's Star Trek. Books by Geoffrey Mandel: U.S.S. Enterprise officer's manual (Photocopy Spirol Bound) Star Charts, The Star Fleet Handbook, Aliens of Star Trek etc.
( Hello Geoff  )

*Michael McMaster (1953-1978 R.I.P.) was the author of several well know blueprint sets. Majel Barrett Roddenberry of Star Trek Enterprises aka Lincoln Enterprises sold the much prized copies of Michael McMaster's Klingon D-7 class Klingon star ship blueprints. He published under the name of Galactic Designs and Productions. McMaster also built a full size replica of the Enterprise Bridge, which allegedly even fooled Gene Roddenberry when he saw photographs of it. An accurate set of 11 Award Patches worn by Kirk & Spock on their dress uniforms was also designed and sold by McMaster. Michael McMaster died in an accident in 1978, aged 25. At the time he was working on the very rare Star Trek Maps with Geoffrey Mandel, very few were released.

**Frans Joseph (1914–1994 R.I.P.) was member of S.T.A.R. aka Star Trek Association for Revival and was a friend of mine. He is known for the Star Trek Blueprints and the Star Trek Technical Manual. The source material he was forced to use: individual frames from the shows themselves. He had no access whatsoever to any of the production notes or diagrams, such as those by Wah Chang, Dick Datin, Walter Matt Jeffries or Irving Feinberg. Joseph did, however, acknowledge the help of some of these individuals in the frontispiece of the Technical Manual.

The Master Replicas/Star Trek Experience - Star Trek TOS Communicator Story. What is What?

Both the Master Replica/ Star Trek Experience Communicators were made in CHINA at the same factory with small design changes,  Plastic shells, aluminum parts, painted gold antenna, spinning moire, sound of chirping and interference. etc.

The differences are:

Master Replicas/Corgi UK: Charcoal textured but looks smooth plastic shell with oval button on rear. Fancy stand/display signed by Leonard Nimoy or William Shatner.

Star Trek Experience: Black textured plastic shell with Star Trek insignia button on rear. In decorative box.

Basically The Master Replica and Star Trek Experience communicators are identical except for the rear button and shell finish. The thickness on these is inaccurate so they look fat. The Star Trek Experience communicators have solid brass under the paint on the antenna grid.

Diamond Select/Art Asylum: Black textured,  metal grill, good looks with a sound chip $29.00 and can be re-worked into a Top Prop for a few bucks. Newer models have a plastic grill.



  • FAN MADE PROPS OR GARAGE KITS (only unique items are worth anything ex. original paintings, blueprints, needlework etc.) NOT no-name (resin) Phasers, Communicators or altered props (ex. Dickel powderhorn bottle) etc. EXAMPLE: A toy Phaser or Communicator in it's original box will be worth more than a no name resin replica.
  • Loose Props with no Paramount License (selling high priced, are worthless!) exceptions: Richard A. Coyle, Ed Miarecki, Steve Horch/Mike Moore, Brad Nelson, Max Cervantes, John Long, JT Kirk - ONLY if you have documents or COAs by them for history's sake!
  • Prop reproductions from roddenberrydotcom (Plain Boxes, Not Licensed)
  • All Star Trek Patches  from roddenberrydotcom  Tons out there (Not Licensed)
  • Other Items items from roddenberrydotcom (Not Licensed)
  • Any Commercial item with no Paramount License (pirated)
  • Other Star Trek Patches, logos, insignia with no Paramount License (easily made)
  • Star Trek Buttons (a button machine makes anything you want)
  • Star Trek fridge magnets (big scam on ebay, see my other guides)
  • Star Trek stickers (of controls on ships etc. a lot out there)
  • Star Trek Script copies
  • Star Trek Guide copies
  • Star Trek Storyboard copies
  • Star Trek Poster copies (Tons out there, no copyright PP)
  • Star Trek photos unless pre 1980s, Langley Associates or other Paramount Licensed ex. Creation Conventions
  • Star Trek costume jewelery (unless gold or silver)
  • Star Trek Shows/Movies (there will always be a better format)
  • Star Trek Movie 35MM film clips on matted boards (easily made from flat movie trailers, the unused movie trailer is worth more)
  • Unsigned photos made from Star Trek Movie 35MM film clips
roddenberrydotcom is a website created by Eugene Roddenberry (son of Gene Roddenberry) to sell items associated with Star Trek. These items are not licensed but rather tolerated by CBS/Paramount, he is not allowed to use the Star Trek name on several items. In the past props came in colorful Star Trek boxes with certificates signed by him. This has been stopped.


Re-issues of classic Star Trek Toys, Models, Comics etc. are what they are - Newly Manufactured copies with modern dates,  under the Collectors Act. Be careful on any non carded figures. Note: original Star Trek items from the 1970's-80's were made in Hong Kong not China.

  • Examples:  Diamond Select Retro Star Trek toy figures, Checker Star Trek Logs, All Star Trek models Re-issues, Star Trek Book Re-issues or Star Trek Re-issues of anything else now or in the future.

 Walter Koenig got his star on the Walk of Fame. Awarded June 21st 2011


The WOF committee voted in June 2009 and chose again NOT to award Walter Koenig a star on the Walk of Fame. A new nomination has been submitted and the committee will vote again in June 2010. It is time now that the last star for theoriginal cast is awarded as the torch is passed onto a new cast with the premier of "Star Trek XI" in May of 2009.

Walk of Fame Committee
c/o Hollywood Chamber of Commerce
7018 Hollywood Boulevard, 2nd Floor
Hollywood, CA 90028


From Tour to Exhibition?

One of the most common questions asked over the last few months has been ‘what ever happened to Star Trek The Tour?’ The Tour was announced last December and had a big premiere in January at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA, and ran until early March. Since that time things went quiet, but behind the scenes the show was being refined and there was a change in management and a change of name. ‘The Exhibition’ is now being run by Premier Exhibitions, Inc, who handle a number of museum quality touring exhibitions, including the Titanic Artifact Exhibition.

Highlights of the Exhibition

    * The opportunity for exhibit-goers to sit on a full-size Enterprise bridge from the original TV series and have their photo taken and superimposed with an image of the original cast – including Mr. Spock, Dr. McCoy and Mr. Scott – to look as if the Enterprise crew is standing right next to them.
    * Recreations of original sets from Star Trek: The Next Generation®, including Captain Picard’s quarters and command chair.
    * The chance to take a ride through the Galaxy in two full-motion flight simulators.
    * The ability for guests to star with the original cast in an episode of their choice and watch themselves interact with Star Trek icons such as Mr. Spock and Mr. Scott. Guests can take home a DVD of their cameo to share with family and friends.

Write Paramount Television/Pictures and tell them you would like to see William Shatner's directors cut for Star Trek V. Following the success of the Director's Editions of Star Trek: The Motion Picture in 2002 and Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and subsequent collector's edition DVD releases of the third and fourth films in the series, William Shatner lobbied Paramount to be allowed a budget to film new special effects sequences and otherwise re-tool Final Frontier in order to improve the film. His request was rejected by the studio and the original release version was reissued instead. Budget constraints were Paramount's fault not allowing for William Shatner's real vision "Star Trek V - An Act of Love." The humor was ordered by Paramount because of Star Trek IV. The original idea was a darker Star Trek.

You can also contact the Stars of the Star Trek shows/movies, put there name and C/O After the Star Trek of your choice. Put Star Trek and the show TOS, THG, DS9, VOY, Enterprise or Star Trek XI ahead of their name.


CBS Paramount Television
5555 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90038


Paramount Pictures Corporation
5555 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90038





Brad Grey
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Paramount Pictures Corporation
5555 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90038

Brad Weston
President, Production
Paramount Pictures Corporation
5555 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90038


JJ Abrams
c/o Paramount Pictures Corporation
5555 Melrose Ave.
Lost Angeles, CA 90038


These are offered to voice your opinion on why Kirk should be brought back to your fellow fans through these official Star Trek publications! They have letter sections for a reason, you know!

Star Trek: Communicator
The Official Fan Club, Inc.
3720 Revere St.
Denver, CO 80239 U.S.A.

Star Trek: The Magazine
Star Trek: The Magazine
419 North Larchmont Blvd. Suite 7
Los Angeles, CA 90004

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