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Spare Parts List for Syma S107 (S107g) Indoor Helicopter with Gyroscope


This list shows the replacement parts available for the Syma S107 Gyro Helicopter

An easy way to buy S107 and S107G spare parts is from WAYNENIK on eBay

S107 Spare Parts List

S107-01  Head Cover
S107-02  Main Blades 2A + 2B
S107-03  Tail Decorations
S107-04  Connect Buckle
S107-05  Balance Bar
S107-06  Tail Rotor Blade
S107-07  Main Frame
S107-08  Ascend and Descend (Landing Skid)
S107-09  Gears
S107-10  Tail Supports (2)
S107-11  Main Frame (Metal Part A)
S107-12  Main Frame (Metal Part B)
S107-13  Inner Shaft
S107-14  Chopper Tail Unit Module
S107-15  Main Tube Piece
S107-16  Motor A
S107-17  Motor B
S107-18  PCB Box (Printed Circuit Board) 
S107-19  Battery (Li-Poly 3.7v)
S107-20  Remote
S107-Main Blade Grip Set (no part number) upper and lower grips
S107-Wall Charger (no part number)
S107-USB Charger (no part number)

S107G Spare Parts List

S107g-01  Head Cover
S107g-02  Main Blades 2A + 2B
S107g-03  Tail Decorations
S107g-04  Connect Buckle
S107g-05  Balance Bar
S107g-06  Tail Rotor Blade
S107g-07  Main Frame
S107g-08  Ascend and Descend (Landing Skid)
S107g-09  Gears
S107g-10  Tail Supports (2)
S107g-11  Main Frame (Metal Part A)
S107g-12  Main Frame (Metal Part B)
S107g-13  Inner Shaft
S107g-14  Chopper Tail Unit Module
S107g-15  Main Tube Piece
S107g-16  Motor A
S107g-17  Motor B
S107g-18  PCB Box (Printed Circuit Board) 
S107g-19  Battery (Li-Poly 3.7v)
S107g-20  Remote
S107g- Main Blade Grip Set (no part number) upper and lower grips
S107g- Wall Charger (no part number)
S107g- USB Charger (no part number)


Most of these parts can be found on eBay from  WAYNENIK


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