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Where Old = New __ Unique Chic 



Set The Bohemian/Chic Table For Dinner...blukentucky

Or ________

Be Creative ___ Make Jewelry - Wind Chimes - Decorative Drawer Handles

With more than 500,ooo pieces of sterling silver and silver plate available on eBay,  affordable silver is only a click away.    blukentucky
Sterling was not only a hallmark of sophistication, but also a method of acquiring wealth and family treasure. Bit by bit a family acquired silver utensils, lady's and men accessories.

They bought from local silversmiths. These makers took enormous pride in their work, and in the families who collected. Signifying wealth, silver was passed down to the next geneneration.
Today, silver and silverplate, is making a remarkable resugence both within the heirloom family sense, and also as unqiue decorative piece.


Sources of information on silver, silver plate abound. From a 'Google' inquiry, to a multitude of identification books. These highlight the hallmarks (or silversmith marks), the pattern, 'how' the utensil was used (orange spoon), and the year and where it was made.

Stunning & Unique Interior Decor

As the dinning room regains prominence within the home, so is silverware. Eye-catching sterling and silver plate brings an elegant touch to even the most casual table. Accessories such as the tea and coffee set with larger serving pieces nicely dress a hutch.

Early children's silver and silver plate pieces create a unique corner table setting.

Even the most modern open-spaced home touches of silver has subtle impact.

Bed & Bath

Let's not forget the bedroom or bath. Dresser and bath silver items continue to offer that unique and different flair.

Family Heirloom

Regardless of heritage, silver is a used connection piece. Best of all, collecting silver can become a great journey into your own family. Or, it can be a beginning. With a touch of polish, a silver piece regains its glow.

Younger family members recall using it as a child. A keepsake.

Hmmm...Where Do I Start?   Isn't It Expensive?

Start with what you like or perhaps alreay have.

With the 250,000 pieces currently on eBay, the supply is great, so even with a limited budget, piece by piece...just like the old days.

Some collectors and designers suggest a mix and match approach

Another route...many of the earlier pieces were monogrammed. Perhpaps there's some initials on eBay for you. Or, others collect silver and silver plate from a particular maker.<p>
Crafting With Silver & Silver Plate

       Let's say you have a bit of silver, not using it, but want to do something different.

       How about a flatware silver handle on a chain

       Or, long dangle earrings made from matching plain silver antique spoons or forks.

       Dress up a door, or drawer, or make a narrow shadow box.... Unique doorhandles, and especially kitchen and bath drawers. 

       Frame a collection of unique or ornate silver inside a small shadow box frame with a black or blue felt interior.

On eBay land there are huge arrays of patterns...from the ornate and elaborate to the simply plain elegant...just looking for a good home.

I'm Blu with blukentucky...thanks for stopping by. While I'm not a bona-fide expert, I've collected and sold sterling and silver plate for years. Many of our clients use silver for some of the reasons above. I hope it was useful. Thanks.
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