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Offered here is a tip I to hopefully save you money.  When looking at more than one of the same item you are considering purchasing, one of the first categories I look for are the shipping costs.  I purchase sportscards on a regular basis and ALWAYS compare the shipping cost of like items.  Sportscards can easily be shipped by a seller in a padded envelope for $1-$2, but consistantly I see shipping prices well over $3.  If you have to wait a day or two for a item to actually sell that has lower or fair shipping prices, I highly recommend waiting.  Also if I see a item for sale that did not sell I will sometimes send a email to the seller informing them if they had fair shipping prices I might have considered putting a bid on their item, sometimes the seller will relist the item with a lower shipping price.

When looking at like items once you have typed a item into the "Search" category, if it is not already listed you can include the shipping cost in the listing

Happy bidding and fair shipping too all



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