Rupp Minibike model year guide

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Rupp Minibike model year guide
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A quick helpful guide for the Rupp Minibikes: I just highlighted some of the features per year and models. Detailed info available. We hope this is helpful to you all. The majority of your parts needs for the bikes listed below can be found in our store:

64-67 models: known as the Continental models. 6" wheels, 2.5hp and 3.5hp Tecumseh engines, later years could have lights and engines with lighting coils

68 models : TT-500(5 hp, 2speed, lights, 2 disc brakes, chrome gas tank), XL-500(5hp, lights, 2 disc brakes, chrome gas tank), XL-350(3.5hp, lights, 2 disc brakes, chrome gas tank), C-350 (3.5hp painted gas tank, 1 disc brake), C-250 (2.5hp, 1 disc brake, painted gas tank, hard tail), Cub (2.5hp, scrub brake, hard tail)

69 models: Roadster (5hp, 2 speed, lights, chrome gas tank, F+R drum brakes), Goat (5hp, 2 speed, rear drum brake, chrome tank), Scrambler (3.5hp, lights, chrome tank, F+R drum brakes), Digger (5hp, rear drum brake, painted gas tank), Sprint(3.5hp, rear drum brake0, Banchi (2.5hp, rear drum brake, painted gas tank), Chopper (2.5hp scrub brake)

70 models: Roadster (4hp, torque converter, lights, 10" spoke wheels), Enduro (4hp, Torque converter, 10" spoke wheels), Scrambler (3.5hp, Torque converter, 10 spoke wheels, rear brake only), Sprint (angle mounted engine 3.5hp, 6" wheels), Chopper (2.5hp, 6" wheels, scrub brake)

71 models: Blackwidow(4hp, torque converter, dellorto carb, 12" spoke wheels), Roadster2 (4hp, lights, 12" spoke wheels), Enduro (4hp, no lights, 12" spoke wheels), Hustler(4hp, torque converter, 10" slotted mag wheels), Scrambler (3.5hp, torque converter, 10" slotted mag wheels, rear brake only). Rascal (2.5hp, Scrub brake, hard tail). All bikes had color matched frames

72 models: Roadster 2, Hustler, Scrambler all same as 71 but had black painted frames, swing arms and frt forks

73-76 Roadster II- new decal package, painted frt fender, new style 4hp engine, 12" spoke wheels

We here at hope this info may have helped you in determining what year and model bike you have. We are always available to help and just an email or phone call away

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