Runway News For Handbags For 2009 Fall and Winter

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Runway News For Handbags For 2009 Fall and Winter
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What's the newest Fall handbag trends for 2009?

Think bold and beautiful, flashy and vibrant, and lots of fun to carry.

Your choice, your need of the moment ~

Big Handbags Are Screaming ~

Yet, What's More Elegant Than A Darling Clutch For Those Magnificent Evenings.


Details, Pay Attention To The Detailing, It's Working Magic ~ It Can Make You Shine!!!

Many of the top designer handbags are focusing on embellishments such as studs, chains, sequins, and even stones.

Chains and studs seem to bring up images of heavy metal bands and rocker chicks, but these materials can actually be used in a very delicate, and even feminine way

 The styles range from wild and crazy, to delicate and sophisticated, and demure.

Fall and Winter 2009 fashion and design trends are leaning towards the life of opulence and luxury, and a flashback.

Here are some of the top designer handbag trends and styles for Fall 2009.

What I am enjoying so very much is that Great Color Scheme of All Colors,

 Those Fabulous Black Handbags that can carry anything off, The Scarf Handbags Hitting It So Big Right Now. Gorgeous and Stunning, The Handbags with The Social Class is of course your clutch, for those special evenings, or wristlet that has a Sensational Look.

Whatever Style You Love

Go For It

Beauty Radiates From Our Happiness

Don't Worry About Those High Prices This Year, When you can have what makes you feel Like A Natural Born Woman, Regardless of Cost.


You Look Simply Stuuning In Your Choice


I just love Vibrancy of Color upon Black and Espresso, Cognac Bring Out The Radiance of Your Clothing with the Patchwork Look,  It's Simply Hitting The Red Carpet and Can Not Be Stopped.

Most of you know each designer has a signified trademark.

The Optic Silk Handbags are definitely Lovely.


At the same time ~ Please Check Out Those Celeb Hobo's ~ They Are Satchels and Going Wild, Looks as though Sex In The City Is Bringing Them Back.

Mult-colored, abstract, multi-tudes of colors are Blasting Away The Fashion Scene. Suede Is Another Hit This Year, as Well as Patent Leather.


Such A Lovely Variety, Prices Are Dropping On Handbags, You Can Have One For Each Style, Each Color, Jazz them up with Scarves!!

Tis' The Season To Wear Your Fave Colors

Wear Your Fave Handbags, and Feel Spectacular !!!

Thank You :)


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