Rousseau watches

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A short description of my experience with a Rousseau watch I received the watch as a gift: a gold tone Rousseau model apparently without a name-- it is being sold on ebay as a "Rousseau automatic luxury gold SS watch" with a listed MSRP of $2,595. Note, the stated "MSRP" is a false claim: the watch is apparently not sold anywhere for this amount; its distribution is primarily via the internet, and its retail / market price is about $50-200, from what I can tell. Things I noticed and discovered: Right out of the box, I knew it is a fake and/or a cheap watch. The color (gold tone) is very much not the color of gold. The face is a good try, but the lettering is mashed into the design on the face, making the watch look cheap. The movement is interesting: there is a self-winding spinner on the back behind glass, and the face includes the date and month as well as a time-of-day indicator. I just got it, but the hands are still moving so far. The band is genuine leather, embossed with a crocodile pattern. The band does not flex with the wrist; it stands up on mine in a somewhat unsightly manner; again, quality is an issue. A similar band probably costs $15-20 with shipping from any number of companies. Nowhere on the watch is its origin of manufacture stated, which is probably a violation of trade rules; I assume it is made in China. A couple ebay sellers hint that the "Rousseau" name is connected to a famous French or Swiss watch maker -- this is obviously misleading and false. In general, the finishing touches -- the things that make a good watch a good watch -- are missing from this watch. It lacks the grace of a sophisticated modern watch that would actually retail for $750+. On the bright side, the watch can be worn by someone who doesn't already have a nice watch; it is possibly a good step-up watch (from a rubber and quartz digital watch) for a young adult (15-22 years old perhaps) who wants to see what it is like to wear a nicer watch. The watch may even be worn in a fancy setting (work or dinner) and passed off to the unsuspecting as a nicer ($350 - $2,000 designer) watch. But anyone who knows watches will realize that it is neither sophisticated nor expensive. In my opinion, it is good for an attempt at a fine watch for little money, but it falls short of appeasing someone who has had a reasonably nice watch (I own a Citizen that I like) and would like more of the same. I am also offended by the manufacturer's implied claim (and ebay sellers' reiteration of the same claim) that the watch is a high-end watch that the buyer can have for about 90% off "MSRP": the MSRP is a fantasy. As always, there is no free lunch -- you are able to buy a Rousseau for under $150 because that is what it is worth.
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