Rolls-Royce - A cheap buy is just that!

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"One of the biggest issue in buying a used Rolls-Royce, especially classics pre 80s is "what are they worth?". You can find a Silver Shadow, say mid 70s, advertised from anywhere from less than $5000, right up to $75,000.

I often get asked, or worse still "told!", what one should be worth. Besides the totally unrealistc buyer, the most common perception is; "$20,000 - and not a penny more!", I get told. Lets talk about this, as this is the more common price range you will see. Please remember, a 40 year old car generally consists of 40 year old parts. This is particularly important for Rolls-Royce as parts can be expensive and repairs also so, especially for the novice. Typically, a $20,000 "as-is" Rolls-Royce that is aesthetically nice in presentation will require somewhere between 10 and 15 thousand dollars in repairs. Generally speaking, there will also be some cosmetic work required and this can add significantly. If paint, leather and wood is needed, you could easily add on the same amounts again.

All the cars offered by Park-Ward Motors are fully workshopped and although you may see this as the "sales-schpiel" and you think; "here we go", this is where the big difference lays. We fully workshop every Rolls-Royce mechanically, electrically and go over all features and functions. This is in addition to anything aesthetic and cosmetic like paint, leather and wood. Because we do everything in-house by trained Rolls-Royce craftsmen, this is where the big advantage exists for buyers. We will do work that might normally cost $20-25,000 on a car for considerably less (in-house volume savings) and for this reason we can deliver superb examples for a good price. Our prices for an excellent to exceptional condition 9-out-of-10 driver Rolls-Royce will be around $30-35,000. And whereas this is some $10-15,000 more than the "average $20,000 price", the example is actually "worth" a lot more. Put simply, it is like buying a $20,000 Rolls-Royce and spending $25,000 on her - owing you $45,000.

So this is our service to you. Our equation is simple when you think about it. You are buying a car that could cost you $45,000 to buy and restore for $30-35,000 - A $10-15,000 saving.

As a final note, please understand there are no "set" prices on these cars. Whereas, common sense says a cheaper car is easier to sell, this is not the case when dealing with an astute and knowledgeable Rolls-Royce buyer. Show cars will sell for $75,000 and excellent drivers' for around $35,000. So when you buy a good one for this sort of money, it will generally hold its value for years to come as we pass on these very fine cars from "caretaker to caretaker"."

Make: Rolls-Royce
Model: Silver Shadow
Show car:         $45,000 plus
Exceptional:      $30 to 40,000
Excellent:          $25 to 30,000
Good:               $18 to 25,000
Average:           $12 to 18,000
Fair:                  $6 to 12,000
Basket case:      Less than$6,000

The Author has been a collector, restorer and knowledgable in the Rolls-Royce and Bentley marque for some 30 years. He has owned more than 400 such cars over the years and is one of the leading experts in all aspects of 60s, 70s, and 80s cars. Having written many articles on Rolls-Royce and Bentleys, been invited several times to the Crewe factory and bought and sold these cars world-wide, he is a very passionate caretaker of them all.



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