Removing a Musty, Mildew, Mold Odor from a Book

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If you have a foul smelling book:

Simply place the moldy book in a plastic bag along with Baking Soda.  Seal the bag and have the book sit for at least a week.  It is not needed to coat the book, or even have the Baking Soda come in contact with the book.  Just have white substance at the bottom of the bag, and the natural absorbtion will occur.

I have needed to let books deodorize for upto a month due to the thickness of the pages and severity of the damage. The most common cause of moldy smells in books originates from storing texts in a moist, damp area such as a basement.

Kitty litter also may remove the funk from books.  You will need to immerse the book in this stuff, and then have to clean the book afterwards.  Again, have the book in the sealed bag for over a week minimum.

Finally, it is recommend that you do not microwave your book.       =]
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