Removing Negative Feedback on Ebay !

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Hi everyone, I hope you had a good week. I got a slanderous negative feedback on ebay today. They didn’t even try to contact me first to resolve the issue. Have you ever had someone leave you a bogus negative feedback on ebay? You know, that person that ruined your 100% rating over something stupid. You may have the right to make ebay remove that negative feedback. Feedback abuse is a serious crime on ebay. If you commit feedback abuse, ebay can hit you with some strict actions. Don’t be a jerk when you leave someone a negative feedback. Most times the person that got the negative feedback didn’t do anything wrong. Most times I received a negative feedback, was because the buyer didn’t even try to contact me to resolve things first. I always resolve any issues to complete transactions. Even if I have to replace the item or give a refund.A lot of new users tend to be the ones leaving bad feedback. They don’t know any better. If something arrives broken, they may jump to conclusions and just leave a bad feedback for you, instead of contacting you first. Most sellers out there would replace the item or give a refund in case of broken or dead on arrival item. I will do anything I can to make the customer happy, to avoid a bad feedback. Any smart seller would do the same. Your reputation means everything on ebay.

Some people out there are out to ruin good sellers reputations for anything. I have seen people leave negative feedback because the package arrived in the PM instead of the AM. Silly stupid reasons just to ruin a 100% rating. There are ways to have ebay remove bogus negative feedback.

Don’t commit feedback abuse ebay will take serious action if you are reported. Violations of feedback abuse may result in a range of actions, including:

    * Listing cancellation
    * Limits on account privileges
    * Account suspension
    * Forfeit of eBay fees on cancelled listings
    * Loss of PowerSeller status
    * Feedback removal

Here are some circumstances that will allow you to remove negative ebay feedback.

Feedback Rating Withdrawal (feedback rating removed, comment remains)

    * Members who use the eBay Mutual Feedback Rating Withdrawal process will have their feedback rating withdrawn once both members have completed the process.
    * eBay will withdraw the feedback rating if provided with a ruling or settlement agreement from an eBay-approved certified dispute resolution service or a settlement resolving a lawsuit.

Feedback that meets any of the circumstances below is feedback abuse and may be subject to removal.
Feedback that doesn’t meet any of the reasons outlined below will not be removed:

    * eBay is provided with a valid court order finding that the disputed feedback is slanderous, libelous, defamatory or otherwise illegal.
    * The feedback comment contains profane, vulgar, obscene, or racist language or adult material. Inflammatory language, such as “fraud, liar, cheater, scam artist, con man” etc., while strongly discouraged, will not be removed.
    * The feedback comment contains personal identifying information about another member, including real name, address, phone number, or e-mail address.
    * The feedback makes reference to an eBay, PayPal or law enforcement organization investigation.
    * The feedback comment contains links or scripts.
    * Negative feedback intended for another member will be considered for removal only in situations where the member responsible for the mistaken posting informs eBay of the error and has already placed the same feedback for the correct member.
    * Feedback left by a person ineligible to participate in eBay transactions, according to Section 1 of the eBay User Agreement, at the time of the transaction or the time the feedback was left.
    * Feedback left by a member who provided eBay with false contact information and could not be contacted. In general, the transaction period is considered to be 90 days from the end of the listing or 30 days from the date the feedback was left, whichever was longer.
    * Feedback left by a member who bid on or purchased an item solely to have the opportunity to leave negative feedback for the seller, with no intention of completing the transaction.
    * Feedback left by users who are indefinitely suspended for certain policy violations within 90 days of registration. eBay takes the position that members who are indefinitely suspended soon after registration shouldn’t be able to permanently impact another member’s account.
    * eBay will automatically remove feedback from members indefinitely suspended within 90 days of registration. Not all suspension types qualify for automatic feedback removal. For example, accounts that are suspended for non-payment of eBay bills and instances when eBay provides the member with the opportunity to fix the issue (and be reinstated), do not qualify for automatic removal.

So you can have a negative ebay feedback removed. I have had a few of my bogus and slanderous negative feedbacks removed. I have to admit, it is a timely process, but it works. Ebay and Squaretrade tend to take their time with feedback removal. Now that you know the ways you can have your negative feedback removed, get going. Go through all your negative feedback (I hope it isn’t too much). See if any of your negative feedbacks reflect any of the ways you can have it removed.

You can find out more about ebay feedback abuse here. Goodluck and see you all tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by.


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