Removing Ink Stains from Vinyl Dolls

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Removing Ink Stains from Vinyl Dolls
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I've read some posts about using Remove-Zit to remove stains from vinyl dolls, and thought I'd share a tip I picked up several years ago from a doll magazine.  This worked on an expensive doll my daughter had when she was small, and I was amazed that it really worked.  You can use Vicks Vapor Rub on the stain.  Rub it on and put the doll near a sunny window.  At night, wipe off the Vicks and dab a rag or cotton ball with rubbing alcohol.  Rub on the stained area.  Repeat this treatment for a few days.  It may take a week, but the stain completely disappears, and since I already had the supplies on hand, it cost me nothing.  Hope this helps someone!
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