Reloading Blank Brass

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I saw the post on here reguarding reloading 308 blank brass and the explosive failures of it.What also needs to be mentioned is that it is unsafe to reload any blank brass of any caliber at all,The blanks are made for grenade launching and pratice ,and the brass has a much lower pressure failure level than regular brass,if you want to try to blow up yourself and your gun use it ,otherwise spend the few pennies more and buy good quality new brass,You can try someone elses once fired brass as they call it ,but you really never know if thats the case .If your reloading ,reload your own brass as you know how many times it has been thru your gun and also what pressures your brass has been fired with ,Brass that has been fired at max pressure will not reload as many times safely as brass that has been fired at minimum loads,stay safe .
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