Red String Bendel Kabbalah Bendle

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It is tradition to wear a RED STRING BENDEL on your left wrist for protection in health and fortune.

Thin Red String Bendel -Some people swear by them.

According to ancient custom, negative energy is repelled when the Red String Bendel is worn on the left wrist. The left side is the receiving side of the soul. So they say. Actually since the bendels date back so far, there is much to be interpreted. There is no one red string. Any string can be taken to Rachel's tomb. The thread is wound around Rachel’s tomb 7 times to protect from the influences of the evil eye as chronicled by the ancient sages.

Red string is wound around the stone marker over Rachel's tomb several times, while reciting Hebrew prayers. Pictures show the red string being wrapped, often started by a Rabbi, around cloth [Actually started by someone called something else -more specific than Rabbi]. Note the string in picture just below second line of writing. Rabbi [or other holy person]  recites prayer as string is wrapped seven times.

   Long roll of red string being wrapped at Rachels Tomb. The long Rabbi [holy man] blessed string, is imported in the US, to be cut into bracelet size lengths. 12 inches for replacement for sterling chain. 8 inch for solo string.  String is wool, cotton or poly. Even red leather bendels are sold. Some are 1mm. These may be inserted in sterling silver chain, cut to 12 inch. Larger 2mm is better for solo wear [meaning wearing without a chain]. Bendels are worn on the left hand as a symbolic request for spiritual and physical protection and blessings.

The point of the string is to believe,  to have faith,  live a better life. 

For centuries, some Jews have tied a red string around their wrist for things such as pain relief, easy childbirth, and protection from unkind glances from others EVIL EYE.  The Red String Bendel's special meaning is based on its connection to Rachel, one of the four Matriarchs of the Jewish people. Rachel is revered for her ability to overcome adversity and her sterling character.

All bendels are designed to be discarded and periodically replaced.

Many bendels are worn as Sterling Silver Figaro Chain Bracelet with the "Red Bendel" threaded thru the loops.     The "Red Bendel" is from Jerusalem! When placed on the left hand by a loved one, the "Bendel" brings Good Luck, protects from harm and wards off evil wishers. Often available with either a heart, Chai, Hamsa, Star of David or an initial.

 Ben Porat is one of several faith based prayers said while placing a bendel. Prayer is read from right to left.  It is from the book of Genesis and also other books. We do not have the English word for word translation, but we have provided the information to a customer in the past.


          Madonna, Britney Spears, Ashton Kucher, shown wearing THICK bendel. Demi Moore,  David Beckam, Mick Jagger, Donna Karan, and other well-known celebrities wear the Red String Bendel, too, to ward off evil and obtain Good Luck. They have discovered how powerful the amazing Red String Bendel can be.

The key to making the amazing Red String Bendel work is to transfer part of your own energy to the red string - transfer the feeling that you can ward off evil. The string is the talisman to make it happen.

The Red String Bendel is as powerful as the individual who wears it.

 2mm THICK Braided Red String Bendel with simple instructions.


The Kaballah Learning Centre may offer bendles for $26.00.


We are told they make inappropriate comments about bendels sold elsewhere. If you want bendels LIKE the Kaballah Learning them at KLC. Then you will not be dissapointed. Don't go to KLC with another Bendel unless you want to be ridiculed by some loathsome clerk, who thinks they are all wise about bendels..LOL. Or do your due diligence and read all the negative press about the KLC and save some bucks. Your choice. 

Expect a much different product on Ebay and on the web.

These include:

  1. A set of 2 thin red strings - 12" each. (This may also be used to refill the silver or gold bracelet when the original string eventually wears out.)
  2. Thin bendel String multipacks.
  3. Thick bendel multipacks.
  4. Red string with silver charms and sterling closures
  5. Red string with silver bead accents and sterling closures
  6. Red string with sterling silver figaro chain and lobster claw closure
  7. Red string with gold chain and lobster claw closure


This is a thin bendel, crimped off, with a spring closure and star charm..

Some thicker braided cords are being sold ..this one has a charm





Caution: Some sellers sell red yarn & buyers are not happy. 



  • The buyers expected the $26 KLC. 
  • Why? Well the seller shows the KLC picture then sends a photo copy.
  • Other sellers note they do not sell KLC bendels.
  • Far as I know, no one sells KLC bendels on Ebay.
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