Guide to History and Chronology of the Red Ryder BB Gun

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Guide to History and Chronology of the Red Ryder BB Gun
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Nearly Every Boy in America and some girls owned the Daisy Red Ryder BB gun. Well the Red Ryder has be come a highly collectible sought after item. Well hopefully this guide will help you to find the item of your childhood and what to look for. In October of 1939 Daisy entered into a contract with Stephen Slesinger, inc. and the cowboy artist Fred Harmon to use the name Red Ryder.

1940- was when the first Red Ryder was made. The Model 40 number 111 had a gold colored forearm band. 1942 halted the production due to the War.

1946- Production had resumed but the Red Ryder. The forearm bands were blued but still had the cast iron lever.

1947- they had went to a painted aluminum lever. So now they are easily seen due to the paint coming off the lever.

1952- the wood forearm was replaced with a plastic forearm. The plastic forearm is most of the time warped now days.

1953- the wood stock was replaced with plastic and the first ones were blued and then they started painting.

1955 to 1961- The model 40 number 111 Red Ryder was redesigned and now it was a model 94. After 1961 the Red Ryder was not produced.

1972- they came out with the model 1938 that was almost an exact copy of the earlier model 40 number 111. The stock logo was on the left side.

1977- the logo is now on the right

1979- a safety was added and now it is a model 1938A

1980- the shot tube was replaced with a loading door and a new safety was added. Now a model 1938B

1980 until today- The 1938B Red Ryder is still being produced today. But there have been several highly collectible limited editions have been sold and most will have a medallion in the stock.

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