Real Louis Vuitton vs. Fake Louis Vuitton

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Today it seems as if it takes a pro's eye to tell the difference between real Louis Vuitton and the knockoffs. There are a few key differences between the originals and the knockoffs that can immediately tip you off

1. Look at the text! Though it may seem trivial, real Louis Vuitton purses have the words "Louis Vuitton Made In France" on the ends by the zipper, but knockoff Louis Vuitton has the same phrase but in all lower cases, "louis vuitton made in France".

2. How are the straps colored and made? Real Louis Vuitton purses have straps that are a dark brown to almost brick red color while the knockoffs are a light tan color. Also the edging on the knockoffs is burgundy plastic-y stuff that peels off eventually while the originals don’t have any edging except for stitching.

3. What is the lining made of? Real Louis Vuitton is made with a material called Alcantara while the better knockoffs use tan suede and the cheaper ones use a tan velvety material.

There are also sometimes obvious differences in the logos on the purse and the material that the purse itself is made out of. Real Louis Vuitton uses real cowhide leather while knockoffs use cheap leather or generic plastic. These are all the tips that I have picked up in my 16 years of shopping, I hope they were helpful!

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