Rating Sports Card Grading Services

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My ratings consist of: 1st-difficulty of grading scale, 2nd-reputation/satisfaction, 3rd-appearance/sturdiness

#1 BGS - Beckett Grading Services
       BGS is still the class of grading services. They have always been the toughest on grading. Though, their new model case of the past 2 years seems to be more lenient on grading difficulty (especially GemMT BGS 9.5s). Their case looks the best and is the most sturdy.

#2 SGC - Sportscard Gurantee
       This grading service is underrated. I mostly give this high of a rating due to the difficulty of their grading. Their grading scale is as detalied as BGS with the NrMT 84 to GemMT 98. The appearance of the case is nice as well and fairly sturdy.

#3 GAI - Global Authentication, Inc.
       One of the newer grading services is known to be fairly difficult with their grading. Though, the apperance is too plain and the case is on the lower end of sturdiness compared to other grading companies.

#4 PSA - Proffesional Sports Autheticators
       I believe the orginal grading service. They have a simple clean look and a fairly sturdy case. Though, the past few years their grading difficulty has dropped (their are some very questionable NrMT PSA 8s). Also, of the main grading services they would be the simpliest to create counterfeits (I believe some counterfeits are beginning surface).

#5 SCD - Sports Card Digest
       Some may have not heard of this grading service. This is a reputable company with probably tougher grading standards than PSA. The case is nice and sturdy.

#6 BCCG - Beckett Collectors Club Grading
       This is a spin off from Beckett. This was designed for a more affordable alternative to BGS and high-volume grading. The grading process in not as extensive thus the easier grading. The case is simple and not that sturdy compared to other grading services.

#7 GEM - Gem Elite
       Gem recently added a spin off to their grading services with Gem Elite. The grading difficulty is a bit tougher than their original service and they added subgrades. Overall, their grading is still fairly easy keeping them on the lower end. The case is decent looking and fairly sturdy.
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