Rare ESCI 1/72 Plastic Models - Armor -

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Rare ESCI 1/72 Plastic Models - Armor -
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I build Plastic Models since i was 8 years old, my dad bought me my first tank in Nice France while we were there on summer vacation,  it was a Matchbox 1/72 Sherman Firefly.  I grew up with Models, while everybody was on a bike, i was building a tank !!!

I moved on years ago from 1/72 and 1/76 to 1/35 models becasue they offered more detail and were a greater medium to work and super detail.  Last year a friend of mine called  me, asked me if i am interested in some old ESCI 1/72 kits that he has found in an old warehouse... Needless to say, i found a treasure !!  The find took me back to 1986, these very same models have been lost for at least 19 years !!! 

The "Find" consists of some cool tanks, most of them are considered OOP today..  So take your chance and check what we have on sale,  i amk sure they will be sold out in just a matter of week? days? Hours??  who knows !!

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