Rare 50 Year Old Toy Seen - The Austin Magic Pistol

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Rare 50 Year Old Toy Seen - The Austin Magic Pistol
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Serious Toy Collectors Take Note: The AUSTIN MAGIC PISTOL

has been seen and sold on eBay this year. This great old toy from the late 1940's and early 1950's has been very scarce indeed.  The Austin Magic Pistol is reputed to be an old Space toy,  looking more like a Flash Gordon device than a modern Star Wars item. It originally fired a unique pink/white ping pong ball up to 70 feet or more utilizing a gas created in the firing chamber and ignited by a spark from a flint when the trigger was pulled. A tremendously loud explosion occurred sometimes accompanied by flames from the barrel. The white crystal "fuel" supplied with gun is not longer useable after so many years but the toy and box make a great collectible item to show off and display. Anything but sleek, the Austin Magic Pistol ray gun sports 3 flamboyant Buck Rogers style fins and a bright red body. Beautiful design need not be sophisticated!


I probably have sold more of this toy than anyone else. Winners of my auctions often come back to bid and win again!  People who obtain one, frequently want more!

From time to time, I get a few of these to offer on eBay. Please add me (89ms89) to your favorite sellers list and you will be notified by eBay when I list one!

For more information, feel free to email me anytime. Thanks for your interest!

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