RS Prussia Cracker Jars

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RS Prussia Cracker Jars
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R. S. Prussia (RSP) cracker jars exemplify the skill and artistry of the small but prolific Reinhold Schlegelmilch factories of Suhl, Prussia and Tillowitz (now Tulowice, Poland).  These items are found in various elaborate molds, colors and decors.  Antique cracker jars are now rarely used, as they are more decorative and delicate than utilitarian.  Yet, collectors view them as choice pieces that repesent some of the best RSP craftsmanship and design.

Cracker jars were manufactured in many of the molds and patterns used for RSP bowls, plates, chocolate sets and sugar/creamer sets.  The term "cracker jar" is used synonymously with "biscuit jar", and the chief difference is that cracker jars have handles whereas biscuit jars do not.  The term "biscuit jar" is used more often in Europe.

The styles are predominantly Victorian, art nouveau and art deco, dating them from the late 1890s through 1917.   The following photos show an assortment of RSP styles and shapes.  Most have the red star and wreath mark, although the first and last examples are unmarked.  For more information, visit the R. S. Pussia club website -





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