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How many times have you found a vintage comic, magazine or paperback that would have been in excellent condition if someone hadn't marked a price on the cover, usually in felt pen! Then there's the sticker tag or just dirt, oil or some marking. well here's a fast simply method to clean and save these collectable books! The secret is : Ronsonol (lighter fuel) this highly flammable liquid used for cigarette lighters has the properties to remove most felt pen marks and price stickers! Simply use a fine clean cotton cloth and apply Ronsonol to it. Be sure to wear latex gloves so as not to get any on your skin. Now gently "dab" the marking, rotating the cloth as you rub the ink off the book surface. It's important to rub then rotate the cloth because you don't want to smear the ink across the paper surface. You can also have clean rags or whatever to change as the ink "stain" begins to fade. If you are good and do it properly the marking should completely disappear. Practice on a beat up paperback or magazine first before going to the valuable ones. now to avoid sticker "pull" and lifting a piece of your magazine or paperback off with the sticker, again apply a "dab" of Ronsonol to the rag then hold it on the sticker.add more if you need to, as with a sticker you need it to saturate the tag and then gently lift the corner and peel it in one direction like a banna skin..go very slow and don't use any excessive should roll off if you've applied enough Ronsonol.  This has worked very well for me over the works on 90% of markings however it won't remove deeply grooved "pen" ink so don't bother trying it on that. Never use water to clean these types of books or you will remove too much "surface" and damage the books integrity.  Finally I'll throw in a tip on removing a mildew smell or unpleasant odour from these books, simply place the book in a bag of Kitty Litter and over time the Litter will get rid of that nasty smell!
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