REMOTIZER Electronic Remote Control Deadbolt Smart Lock Activator

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REMOTIZER Electronic Remote Control Deadbolt Smart Lock Activator
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Entering your homes' locked front door is often an inconvenient if not a daunting task. At night, in the rain, in a rush--or simply coming home with an arm full of groceries no longer needs to be a hassle! Just as many garage door openers have allowed you to simply push a button--electronically opening your locked garage--now there are recent efforts at allowing electronic access to the front door of your residence.
Many of these new product efforts come with a variety of claims-- and concerns. Recently reviewed in a variety of electronic magazines-- all of these new "Smart Locks" aka "Remote Control Deadbolts", as they are often referred to, should meet the following criteria:
1) Availability. Many of these new "Remote Control Deadbolt" -or- "Smart Lock" products are simply not available yet.
2) Installation.  In other words, most "Smart Locks" manufactured will not physically fit/install on your existing door. Many residences: multi-family and single family homes, have a deadbolt and a "keyless deadbolt" already installed on the front door. There is simply no physical installation space on the existing door for most "SMART LOCKS". See the following two pics of a keyless deadbolt looking at it from outside and inside the door: 

3) Security protocol: Placing access to your home on Internet ? Could this be a hacker magnet?
4) Price: Cost effectiveness-- Most Smart Locks shipping today require that you buy a new deadbolt. This means that new deadbolt uses a different key, and that key will not unlock your back door's deadbolt. So you fumble with your keychain searching for the right key! SOLUTION: Buy multiple REMOTIZERS and operate all of them from your key fob.....keeping your original metal key as back-up.....simple! Finally: What is the TRUE COST of accessing your home over the Internet ? Weighing on all this new fangled gadgetry; and often overlooked, is ROI (Return on investment). It seems that the George Jetson home is picking up steam, but at what cost? Internet Hackers Monthly service fees, tech support calls, .....especially after power outages are just a few that quickly come to mind.
For the past five years the REMOTIZER has been both the most cost effective & easy to install. The REMOTIZER has delivered secure, remote control of your front door since it was patented in 2008. There are many reasons for this:
1) The REMOTIZER is not a lock. It is a electronic security adapter that allows you to keep your existing lock and key! Additionally, there is NO ALTERATION TO THE DOOR! This means the REMOTIZER is the perfect application for homeowners and tenants. It is available in three Premium Finishes: Satin Black, Dark Bronze, Metallic Steel; all priced at under $60.
2) KEEPING YOUR EXISTING  LOCK AND KEY MATCHED UP WITH YOUR OTHER DOORS  allows you to afford other security devices: alarms. cameras. etc.
3) The REMOTIZER works with any brand of single cylinder deadbolts*, and multiple REMOTIZERS can be installed in the same home**
4) Using radio frequency to lock/unlock from between forty and eighty feet away--the "KEY FOB" that ships with the REMOTIZER works similarly to your car/truck KEY FOB. However, the REMOTIZER KEY FOB's security protocol has been engineered to be 1 in four billion……..and each additional REMOTIZER KEY FOB is only $24.99.
5) When locking your car with a KEY FOB (most car KEY FOBs cost $100+), you often hear an audible beep—confirming you locked your car. The REMOTIZER beeps five times when you lock your front door……mechanically confirming it is locked! The REMOTIZER also beeps four times when low on "AA" batteries....usually once per year.
6) Many Smart Locks that are available today utilize infrared communication protocol. This means that the KEY FOB must be within ten feet or so from the deadbolt. In addition to the range limitation, the "AA" batteries in most Smart Locks using infrared only last six months at best. The REMOTIZER batteries last one year in normal use, and the REMOTIZER beeps when the batteries are low.
7) If your door shifts slightly when the weather changes (winter to summer seasons expand and contract door jambs), some Smart Locks contain a motor that is too weak to drive the 1 inch throw all the way through the strike-plate attached to the door jamb.

See the following installation video REMOTIZER:
Read what others have said about their REMOTIZER:

For anyone desiring the most cost effective and convenient electronic keyless entry to their front door today, the REMOTIZER delivers.

*Note: The REMOTIZER as well as Additional Remotes (KEY FOBs) are available now @ eBay. The REMOTIZER is only $49.99, and Additional Remotes (Key FOBs) are only $24.99 each. A single cylinder deadbolt is the most common deadbolt installed today, so the REMOTIZER will work with it. However, there are some antique “Mortise and Tenon” deadbolts not compatible with the REMOTIZER. **When installing multiple REMOTIZERs inside one residence, they must all be installed on similar door configuarations; i.e. "all right handed" -or- all "left handed" doors.
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