QuickBooks Payroll Tax Tables

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QuickBooks Payroll Tax Tables
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This is a guide for buying QuickBooks and your options regarding their payroll tax table subscription.

QuickBooks offers an optional tax table program to go with their accounting program currently for $199 per year on a subscription basis. They also sunset their programs which makes it impossible for you to buy a tax table update for the program you just bought after three years, so you have to upgrade, buying the program again. This ensures that you will be hooked once you sign up. At their current prices, over three years you will pay for the program and three tax tables, for an estimated $797.00.

This is a good solution to get your payroll done "in house" if you have more than ten employees because it will save a TON of time. But if you have fewer than ten employees, you may want to consider other options than to buy the payroll subscription.

Great News this year! QuickBooks does allow you to download the tax tables one time (with QB 2006) for free, and this will last until Feb. 15th of the following year.

Their instructions on how to do this are in very small, hard to find print. So I will tell you here how to accomplish this. At the main icon bar choose Employees, then Add a Payroll Service. The next screen has three choices, and under these boxes is a sentence that says: Information on how to enter payroll information into QuickBooks if you don't use QuickBooks payroll> Learn More. (click there)

Next page is about Calculating payroll manually, and about half way through the page is the button to select to calculate QB's manually. However, under that is the instructions on how to get your free one-time download. They tell you to go back to the Home page (so hit Back) and select Standard Payroll, Buy it Now. Enter in all the fields EXCEPT your credit card information, including the address for the card (but no card info), and hit Buy Now or Subscribe or whatever it says there, and it will reject it once, then hit submit again and it will say something about hitting Continue to get your one-time free download. It finishes the process and and then downloads the tax table. It then gives you a message saying A new tax table has been loaded, yada yada.

However, the next time you do payroll, it will give you a dire warning that your payroll tax table has expired and you need to subscribe now - but you really don't. "Just say no" at that point, and it will allow you to use the current tax table you're using. But I promise it will lock you out of the payroll portion of the program completely on February 15th of the following year. At that point you will need to find the button in payroll setup that tells the program you want to do payroll manually, or subscribe for whatever the going rate is that next year.

Another option is to do it manually from the start. I have figured out how to set up the manual system in an automated way.  Feel free to check out my items for sale, which includes a Manual Payroll Setup that doesn't need the subscription. See the link at the top of the page.

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