Quick guide on how to spot a fake Burberry

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Quick guide on how to spot a fake Burberry
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How to Spot a Fake Burberry

Authentic Burberry patterns always match up on the sides and on the bottom of your item. If you have a handbag where there is a different pattern on the sides of the purse, it's probably a fake, as each side of an authentic Burberry is identical to the other.

Counterfeit sellers usually copy the classic Burberry bag but also make styles never made by Burberry. The handbag or accessory may look good in the photo, but in many cases it is not the item that will be sent. Many counterfeit sellers use web site photos or steal their photos from authentic ebay auctions. If the  photograph posted has another seller's watermark that is a sure sign that the photo has been stolen. This practice is against eBay policy, but usually the item has sold before ebay has time to take action. Counterfeit sellers like to do the short auctions over the weekend & during a holiday when they know ebay staff is at it's lowest. Counterfeit seller's sometimes misspell  the brand name in the title to avoid ebay's pulling the auction. They also will sometimes add a disclaimer to their auction that the item was a gift so they can't verify the authenticity, but they know it is authentic.

A gift?

When I see a designer item listed as new without tags and they claim it was a "gift", I run! This is almost a sure sign of the item not being authentic. especially if they have more than one of this "gift". The line seen most often is "This was a gift from my ex-husband, ex-fiance' or ex-boyfriend" or males will claim:"This was a gift I bought for my fiance' , girlfriend or ex-wife". I would scrutinize designer items being advertised as pre-owned, like new without tags. The "without tags" is usually the tip off. Who buys a $1,000-2,000 handbag and does not keep the papers or gift box?? Burberry and Louis Vuitton package your handbag or accessory so nicely in a very elegant gift box that I doubt your average woman would throw this out. Most women use it to store the handbag in off season.

This is not to say you can't find an authentic designer item on ebay. Many women sell their designer handbag so they can buy a different one. You can get a designer handbag that looks like new as it was very well taken care of.  But this is not a normal occurance on ebay. Always check their feedback before bidding. Even a good seller can have a few negatives that they could not avoid from the psycho compulsive buyer, but if you see more than one claim that the item was not authentic, I would avoid this seller. Actually if I personally see even one claim of non-authenticity I avoid the seller, as it is not worth taking the chance. Better be safe than sorry. I would advise you to post the auction in question on one of the purse forums for their opinion.

There are also wholesaler's in Asia that steal ebay auction photo's and give this same photo to the buyer to sell their fake items. The watermark is easily cropped off if the seller has used ebay picture manager, as they put the watermark in a corner where it can easily be cropped off.

Counterfeiter's usually "forget" or use inexpensive versions of the embossed leather, zippers or metal tag that authenticates Burberry products.

All Burberry wallets will have "Burberry" embossed usually on the left side or the top if it is a fold over style.

Burberry handbags with have a leather tag sewn inside that will have the serial number on the reverse side and sometimes the front will say where it is made, sometimes it is blank.

On some bags there will be an additional tag that will be embossed with where the bag was manufactured. (usually Italy or China).   Burbery does have a factory in China now and most of the accessories ie: sunglasses are made there. The all leather handbags appear to be made in Italy (the higher end line). Although the materials come from Italy, the other handbags are assembed in China and are marked "Made in China".

 <Front of leather tag

<Reverse side has the serial #

Hardware is usually gold or silver-toned, although some of the newer Burberry styles are leather covered. On an authentic Burberry,  when the hardware is engraved it will always be neatly embossed with the word "Burberry." Sometimes the emblem is found on the tip of the zipper pull. <Emblem is on the lock button (zippers are not engraved on this bag)

Each item will have a Burberry card and product tag that will list the style number and style name. Some counterfeits will have a look alike tag, but it usually does not have the correct information.

 Fake Burberry card & tag on a counterfeit Knight Studded bag

 Just like other name brands, look on the company's Web site and scrutinize the item you're interested in to check for flaws and signs of fraud.


For more information and help on how to spot a counterfeit designer item, visit

knowknockoffsforum.com, the purseforum or ebay's purse forum. A informed buyer is a happy buyer. If you have purchased a counterfeit and need a statement for a pay pal claim, there are services that provide this.

I am not an expert, just trying to give helpful tips to help the ebay consumer avoid buying a counterfeit. If this information has been helpful, please vote yes. If not please email me with comments that can help improve the guide.  Thank you!


How to report a counterfeit on eBay:

Go to the bottom of the auction in question

Click on "report this auction"

Listing Violation:

1.) Subtopic: Counterfeits and copyright.

2.) Potential trademark infringement violations

3.) Pick the category for the item (ie: counterfeit handbag, counterfeit accessories, etc)

4.) Click on "email us"

5.) Send



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