Quick Guide For Uranium-Testing Green or Vaseline Glass

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Quick Guide For Uranium-Testing Green or Vaseline Glass
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This is a quick layman's guide for testing to see if there is uranium content in glass.

Here's what I have learned through trial and error.

Most green, and "Vaseline" (yellow-green) Depression (and prior) glass was made with varying degrees of uranium (there are other colors as well; but for this discussion - we'll stick to Vaseline/Green).  So, when you're out glass-hunting, or checking out your glass at home ... how would you know if it contains uranium for sure?

You'll need to test it with a black light.  If it contains uranium; under the proper black light ... it will glow neon green like Kryptonite!

However, you will need not just "any" black light.  Typical black light bulbs that you could trade into your table lamp do not carry the intensity you need to capture the uranium in glass - this is NOT the scientific explanation - LOL! ~ ~ ~  You will need a fluorescent black light tube or flash light.

Here is what a typical black light bulb looks like:

And, this is what will result should you use this type of bulb (this IS a Vaseline glass item with quite a bit of uranium).

Now, here is what a portable black light tube looks like:

Here is the same piece that was pictured above.  As you can see - the glow is demonstrated much more strongly under the tube light.

Many portable tube lights are relatively small and can fit into a purse - although I'd suggest you keep it in its box.  Small flashlights are made with this type of light as well.

So when you are at that garage sale or thrift store, you can confirm if it is uranium glass or not by holding the fluorescent light up to the item in question.  You will not always need to be in total darkness to test.  This tube will pull that fluorescent green pop from that glass ... you can't miss it!

Here are a couple of other items I have in my home that have uranium in the glass.  Both pieces are considered "Green uranium" - Not Vaseline.


And ... last but not least - here is a picture to show you the difference in color between Vaseline glass (below left), and Uranium Green glass (below right).

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Thanks for taking the time to read my guide(s).   Please remember to vote for this guide; and have fun glass-hunting !!!!

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