Pros and Cons of Having a Sale using Markdown Manager

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Pros and Cons of Having a Sale using Markdown Manager
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There are good reasons to have a sale occassionally - clear out stock, gain new customers and to increase sales. The downside is that you are selling for less than you wanted originally.

I personally like Markdown Manager.  I decide first what type of sale I want. You can add up to 250 items to your sale. I may decide to do a couple of categories that I have alot of items in just to get them rotating out or maybe I will use a category that has high interest in the hope that buyers will also look in my store. I have used it for sales on items that I plan to remove.

Some sellers decide to have a sale - say a 10% off sale. They then go mark up the items 10% first then put them on sale that way keeping the selling price the same. I think that is dishonest, a sale is selling an item at less than originally priced.

Markdown Manager is easy to use. First you pick the dates you want your sale to run, the time (military), and the sale percentage. I sell using categories which is easiest but you can pick individual items. The only downfall to the program is that you can only add one category at a time so pick your first one and submit. To add another category, edit your sale and pick another. Keep doing that until you have done all the categories you want to add or your reach 250 items. You can also check to include all listed items if you are listing less than 250.


You can add the words "markdown  sale" to your title as some people search for sales. I would change the title after I had picked out the categories but before the sale is scheduled to start. Just remember to take it back off when your sale ends.

Happy Selling - Moonchild

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