Properly Disposing of Spell or Ritual Candle Wax

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How to properly dispose of spell or ritual candle wax

Candle wax that is used for spells or rituals should not be melted again for ritual use.  The residual energies may have unwanted effects while the new candle is burning or can interrupt other workings.  Any leftover wax should be disposed of in a respectful, proper manner.  This guide focuses on the two common methods of properly disposing of the remnants of ritual candles. 



This is the most common way of disposing of residual candle wax.  Choose the appropriate direction for the magickal working and bury the candle wax at least a few inches deep in the ground.  If from a particularly potent spell, sprinkle some salt to cleanse the area before placing the earth over the candle.  Allow it to be at rest, giving permission for its energies to return to the Earth.  Thank it for its assistance in your workings.



Disposal by fire is another common method of dealing with leftover wax.  In a bonfire, fireplace or small outdoor fire, place all of the leftover wax.  Allow it to melt and disappear completely before extinguishing the fire.  Again, it is best to thank the candle for its assistance in your working. 



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