Pronexin: A miracle

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I've done my own research on the best acne treatments, including individual ingredients.  In the end, I found myself looking for a mixture of green tea, redmond clay, tea tree oil, vitamin A, aloe vera, jojoba oil, hyaluronic acid, DMAE, I realize, it got really complicated.  As such, I was unable to find any treatments with that mixture.  I wasn't opposed to more ingredients that I may have missed in my research.  It just had to have those few basics.  I was starting to think that I might have to buy each indivdual ingredient at the grocery store and combine them myself.  Except, certain ones like tea tree oil, can't be easily found. 

Finally, I was able to find Pronexin, which has all my required ingredients and then some.  I found products before that had 5% tea tree oil and jojoba oil or some other mixture of a couple of the ingredients.  So I figured out the price that I would have to pay for each individual item to somehow get it all.  I estimated it around $200 minimum per month if not more.  And unfortunately, that does not fit into my budget.  So when I found Pronexin at $29.99, I thought something had to be missing and they couldn't possibly be telling me the truth.  Pronexin was everything I expected after researching all the ingredients and then some.  My acne was gone within a week, and my skin has been healthier than ever since then.

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