Problems with Turbo Lister and Microsoft Windows VISTA?

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Problems with Turbo Lister and Microsoft Windows VISTA?
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Cannot Use Turbo Lister's -'View Design' with Microsoft Vista?

The reason is 'Vista' does not come with a DHTML program or 'WYSIWYG' Editor.

To fix the problem in your search engine browser 'Type' Microsoft downloads, once webpage opened type in DHTML download, and half way down the page it says ' Download here'  Download this program and your T.L. 'Editing - View Design' should work   If not,  Go through the same senario above and type in MS download page 'WYSIWYG' (What You See Is What You Get) And download it...

All should work now for you, I'd give you direct the links but not allowed to by eBay to put outside links.

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