Proactiv does work!

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Proactiv does work!
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If you are curious about ProActiv - well in my opinion it does work. Here is a little background history of me...

I am 37yrs of age. I have battled with acne all my life. When I was a teenager I was diagnosed with rosecea. I am a redhead and irish to boot - so with a red face - I was quite interesting to look at at times. (especially when I blushed - or drank) I even took accutane at one time - boy what an experience that was. Completely dried me out - it worked but I was cracking and bleeding from the cracks. But it never zapped out the acne.

Then - I stopped drinking soda. Because it seemed like I would break out more when I drank soda pop. Of course my doctors would always say - soda won't break out your face - it would be something else. But why was it when I drank a can of pop - a couple of pimples would pop out. So I thought forget soda - so I drank juices and water (ice tea and such) for years.

Then in 2002 I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Well - I had to start taking the wonderful drug prednisone (I am being sarcastic). Besides gaining 50lbs from taking this drug - I also developed awful acne breakouts. I went to see a couple of dermatologists - where they gave me sulfur topical creams and some antibotics to help calm it down. But a couple of months later - here we go again. To be honest - dealing with both of my diseases and the fact that RA has crippled the right side of my body - I was starting to not feel very attractive. Which I know is a drag to my husband - because I don't want him to look at me or touch me during the breakouts. So I went to the drug store and got a lot of differnet products(over the last 5 years - I didn't get them all at once and try them all at once). Some would work a few times and then quit working. So needless to say I was getting quite frustrated.

So - of course I kept seeing the commercials about this ProActiv. At first I was like yeah right. But after a while I started to think - well - I wonder if I should try it.

So I purchased a kit here on Ebay because I didn't want to commit to a monthly purchase/plan right away. Thankfully the seller shipped it quickly.

Now - I received the pkg on a Thurs - I opened the pkg on Sat and started to use it. It is now Thurs - I have no bumps on my skin and the redness it almost gone. Now when I started it - I had little bumps all over my skin and I had red patches on my checks and the right side of my temple. 5 days - and the product has done that much improvement. And  - on top of all that - I have been using it every other day. Because the pkging states if you have sensitive skin to use it every other day or only once a day. Well I decided to use it every other day. And the days in between I use a facial cleanser I got from the body shop.

I am so happy I purchased this kit. So - if you are curious about this product - buy a kit off of Ebay first before signing up for their monthly plan. Try it - give it a week or two and see what it does for you. It might work. And from a person who almost gave up - I glad I tried just one more time. Now - I off to wash my face before I go to bed - it is time to use ProActiv tonight!!



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