Printing issues w/ Zebra LP 2844 (eBay & PayPal help)

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These instructions fix the Java issue when seeing the Java circle just going and going and the printer label never prints.

Go to and select the Zebra LP2844-Z - 4.0"x6.0" printer.  Following the below instructions to do this.

1) Login into
2) Navigate to the Profile tab (under the My Account tab) and click on the My Selling Tools link.
3) Then click on the Select Shipping Preferences link.
4) Under the U.S. Postal Service Preferences, select the printer to be Zebra LP2844-Z - 4.0"x6.0".
5) Close PayPal and the web browser you are using.

Next, install the printer drivers.  I used the drivers from (version 4.6.77).  Follow the below instructions to install the drivers.

1) Go to to download the drivers.  You will need to search for ZEBRA on the page (it is near the bottom).
2) Click on the Zebra link.  You will be taken to
3) Download and save the the NiceDrivers to a folder you will remember where they are saved.
4) Close your browser.
5) Open the setup file just downloaded and run the setup.  Follow the prompts to install the drivers.  Make sure to select the Zebra LP 2844 printer, not the Zebra LP 2844Z printer.
6) Once installed, click finished or close (if any).

Last, intall Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment 6.0 Update 33.  I can be found at the below link.  To install follow the below directions.
Please note that I could not get the label printing via eBay or PayPal to work with Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment version 7.

1) Go to via your web browser.
2) Most computers use a 32 bit web browser by default regardless if Windows is a 64 bit version.  You will need to download the 32 bit version (64 bit if you can verify your web browser is 64 bit).  The file name will generally look like this jre-6u33-windows-i586.  Save it to a folder or location you will remember.
3) Closer all your browsers and webpages.  If you do not, you will get an error messagee when installing.
4) Open the setup file just downloaded and run the setup.  Follow the prompts to install Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment 6 Update 33.
5) Once installed, click finished or close (if any).
6) Verfiy the Java SE RE 6.33 installed correctly by going to and clicking the Verify Java Version button.
7) You will see the Java circl working.  When verified, you will get a message stateing "Congratulations! You have the recommended Java installed (Version 6 Update 33)."
8) closer your browser.

Printer settings need to be check before testing a printing label.
1) In Windows 7 go to the start button, then click on the Devices and Printers button.  If older versions of Windows, please navigate to the Devices and/or Printers via the Control Panel, then selecting the Printers Icon.
2) Right click on the Zebra LP 2844 printer icon and select Printing Preferences.
3) on the Options tab, you will need to have certain items be specific to the below settings.  All other settings should be left as the default.

Speed: 3.25
Darkness: 10 (this can be adjusted to your preference, but should be at least 10)

Paper Format: inch and portrait

Size: Width - 4.00 (with the zeros and decimal), Height - 6.00 (with the zeros and decimal)

4) Once all setting are entered, click the Apply button, then the OK button.
5) Next, right click on the Zebra LP 2844 printer icon again and select Printer Properties.
6) On the General tab, click the Print Test Page.  The printer will print a test page.  It should have a message stating:
   "Congratulations! If you can read this information, you have correctly installed your ZEBRA LP 2844 on (your computer's name will be here)"
   The message will also have informaion regarding the printer.  If you did not get a valid test print page, then you did not do something correctly or there are other issues you will need to address.
7) When the test page is printed, just click the OK button.
8) Now, verify you can print labels via eBay or PayPal by loging into each, generating a shipping label (or reprinting one).
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