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Princess Costume Party - Princess Costumes
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As the mother of two I am continually reminded of how enchanted little girls are with the fantasy of being a princess - or at least dressing like one! What little girl doesn't like to play dress-up in a long, flowing gown and of course lots of sparkles?  I am no stranger to princess costumes and the ever popular princess themed birthday parties. With the latest release of Enchanted The Movie by Disney, there is sure to be a surge in princess mania everywhere. If your little girl loves everything princess then read on.....

For the last 4 years in a row we have had a princess birthday party in our house.  So, as you can imagine I have a few great tips for putting on the most perfect princess party for the little princess in your life.

First, set the tone for the party with the right invitation. You don't need to break the bank with professionally printed invites. If you are crafty there are so many beautiful papers out there to hand make your pretty invites (and don't forget lots of glitter!). I am big on creativity but short on time so I like to take a picture of the birthday girl in her favorite princess costume and a big smile. Then I have photo invitation cards made, which can be printed on photo stock inexpensively at your local photo shop or online (I like Handwrite the party information on the card or slip a pretty pink sheet inside the envelope with all the party info and they are ready to go. On your invite, be sure to encourage your guests to come dressed like their favorite princess (or prince and knight for any boys on your guest list).

Dressing up is the single most important element to any princess party!  Dizguise Costumes has a great selection of  princess costumes as well as prince charming and knight costumes.  Be sure to have a few extra costumes and accessories on hand so that everyone of your little guests can join in the fun.

Half the fun of the party is the fantasy of dressing like a princess for the day.

Some other fun activities are decorating your own cupcakes (with lots of pink frosting and pretty candies!), and pin the tiara on the princess puts a new spin on an old classic. I use a thumb tack, an inexpensive princess poster, and a paper tiara that I print from an image found online. It is basically just like pin-the-tail- on-the-donkey, but with a princess instead. For a really young crowd  use tape instead of a thumb tack.  Decorating your own paper crown with glitter glue and sequins is a big hit too.  If it is warm out and you have the room, digging for jewels is always popular. Take a child's small plastic pool and fill it with play sand from your local do-it-yourself store. You can find small plastic gems at your local craft store or online to use as the treasure. The children take turns digging in the sand for "jewel treasure". I like to use the sand sifter toys found in stores near sand castle accessories, but aluminum pie tins work fine for digging too. Guests get 2 minutes to dig up and keep as many gems as they can find. This is a great activity, but can be a bit messy so you have to have the space outside for it. Playing musical chairs to a Princess Collection Cd and a story about the guest of honors favorite princess will round out the day just in time for your guests to head home. Don't forget a treat bag for them to carry home all their treasures from the party.

I hope some of these party tips help to make your little princess' special day picture perfect!


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