Pokemon Toys: The Good, and The bad

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Pokemon Toys: The Good, and The bad
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This is a review for the ever-popular Pokemon Action Figures. Whether you are a hard-core fan, a new collector, or an old grandparent shopping for your boys/girls, THIS IS THE GUIDE TO BUYING THESE FIGURES ON EBAY.


There are alot of categories that you can divide the 'good' pokemon toys. A very good choice are the Tomy action figures. They are exquisetly crafted, durable, and yet, the painting is excellent. They have the figures  Dragonite, Poliwag and Poliwrath 2-pack, Blastoise 5" and 2" bundle, Charmander 5" and 2" bundle, Jigglypuff 5" and 2" bundle, Vaporeon, Kadabra and Alakazam 2-pack, Eevee 5" and 2" bundle, Sandshrew and Sandslash 2-pack, Articuno 2", Aerodactyl 2", Lapras 2", Golem and Geodude 2-pack, Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan 2-pack, Nidoking 2", Snorlax 2", Gengar 2", Vileplume and Gloom 2-pack, Omastar 2", Squirtle 2", Mewtwo 2", Blastoise 2", Pikachu 2", Charizard 2", Wigglytuff 2", Abra 2", Clefable 2", Scyther 2", Raichu 2", Electabuzz 2", Zapdos 2", Gyrados 2", Moltres 2", Jigglypuff 2", Charmander 2", Poliwhirl 2", Chansey 2", Meowth 2", Farfetch'd 2", Clefairy 2", Venusaur 2", Kakuna and Beedrill 2-pack, Psyduck and Golduck 2-pack, Seel and Dewgong 2-pack, Slwopoke and Slowbro 2-pack, Horsea and Sedra 2-pack, Mankey and Primeape 2-pack, Machamp and Machop 2-pack, Venonat and Venomoth 2-pack, Rattata and Raticate 2-pack, Pidgey and Pidgeot 2-pack, Drowzee and Hypno 2-pack, Surfing Pikachu 2", Spearow and Fearow 2-pack, Togepi 2", Seaking and Goldeen 2-pack, Jolteon 2", Vulpix 2", Flareon 2", Jynx and Mr. Mime 2-pack, and a large array of pokemon/pokeball set of 2  in japanese packaging on Bicaji Collectibles store. All are very good quality. Others include the Newest tomy pokemon set that can only be found in either Epcot's Japanese store or online. Just enter any pokemon you desire and include 'tomy', and you should get a good number of high-quality figures. LOOK OUT FOR SHIPPING. It is what separates a GOOD deal from a BAD deal.

HOWEVER, these toys don't have any moveable arms or legs, so if your child says, ' why can't it move?!' then you should go for the Hasbro toys.


Apparently, the kids didn't like non-movable figures, so in 2003, at the start of the Hoenn series, the United States pokemon company apparently struck a deal with hasbro to manufacture poseable figures, with a battle feature. Some figures include:

Charizard with 'fire punch'. The label was messed up with Blaziken's Flamethrower, so it's really Charizard with Flamethrower and Blaziken with Fire Punch. Metagross with Hyper Beam. This one included a corpish and a launchable disk. Last but not least there is the Wal-mart Exclusive 10 pack, which had SILVER FIGURES including:

Groudon that can fire a missile

Kyogre that can fire a missile

Deoxys that can do something or rather

Pikachu that can't do anything

Metagross that can fire a disk

Ash Ketchum

A Pokeball

Absol that can't do anything, too!

Typhlosion that can fire a blast

Charizard that can fire a flamethrower

Blaziken that can fire a punch

and a few others

Again, these figures can shoot missiles or do something, but you must be aware that with each missile launching figure, there is a small figure. These figures are somewhat cheap. For example, Metagross came with a Corpish and I bought it, and, eventually, a leg broke off of the Corpish. The Metagross are pretty durable, however.



At the start of 2007, Jakks Pacific started to manufacture pokemon figures. Whoever have been buying these are the commoners, sorry to say. These are the 2nd to worst pokemon figures on the market, the worst being the pirated pokemon figures sold on Ebay (those are usually Hoenn/Sinnoh figs).

Here is a funny story that'll show you how bad these figures are. I bought a Lucario figure back in '07. At first glance, I didn't like it. The eyes were unaligned, and the neck was very weak. That's probably why the neck broke within 5 months of buying it. On the contrary, my Tomy Sandshrew figure that I've had since it came out has been through about 10 times as much wear and tear and it's still in one piece.

Also, a Breloom figure I bought from Jakks Pacific, and had to PUT THE TAIL ON!!! BY MYSELF! It may sound lazy, but eventually, the tail will break off.  Not to mention the terrible paint job.

Also, they started having the stupid marbles to go along for the ride.

Two Words: Choking Hazard

If your 2 going on 3 year-old is totally into pokemon, he/she may accidentally swallow it and DIE.

Now you should know what to buy (TOMY) and what NOT to buy (Jakks Pacific).

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