Plastic Justrite Carbide Lamps

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If you are new to collecting mining artifacts and / or carbide lamps, sooner or later you will come accross a plastic Justrite lamp.  These lamps were the very last lamps that the illustrious Justrite Manufacturing Co. produced in the late 1970's.  This lamp was never used in actual mining.  DO NOT purchase these lamps.  There is only one reason and that is you have every other carbide lamp made in your posession (highly unlikely) and you need one to complete your collection.  These lamps literally melted and bursted into flame when used.  Plastic, calcium carbide, and water make a messy situation and a glob of grey plastic.  These lamps may be listed under their model number of 3300 series (3300,3301,3302, etc) Save your money and buy a nice brass or nickel plated lamp.

Thank you for reading my guide, see picture below for reference:

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