Pioneer AVH-X5500BHS Vs. Pyle PLTS73FX

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Shopping for in-dash GPS and video units is sometimes tough. You'll find a multitude of innovations available and each product differs in its own way. The Pioneer AVH-X5500BHS and Pyle PLTS73FX are suitable for car pool commuters and techies alike. The AVH-X5500BHS shines with its Bluetooth, whereas the PLTS73FX deserves kudos for its high power rating and comes out ahead for loud volume.
Pioneer AVH-X5500BHS Pyle PLTS73FX
Features Pioneer AVH-X5500BHS Pyle PLTS73FX
Remote Control included With Remote Control With Remote Control
old_sdc.string.Surround Sound Modes (Display) Dolby Digital / AC3 Not Specified
Receiver Depth 6.5 in. 6.54 in.
Touch Panel Screen With Touch Panel With Touch Panel
old_sdc.string.Screen Aspect Ratio (Display) 14:09 Not Specified
Screen Size 7" 7"
Number Of Channels 4 Channels 4 Channels
Receiver Width 7 in. 7.01 in.
Speaker Output Power Per Channel 56 Watts x 4 Channels 320 Watts x 4 Channels
TV Tuner Without TV Tuner Not Specified
Aspect Ratio 16:9 Not Specified
old_sdc.string.Input Connectors (Display) USB x 1 Composite (Video) x 1, RCA (2 Audio Channels) x 1, RCA (Mono) x 1, AV x 1, Camera x 1, USB x 1
Motorized Display Motorized Monitor Motorized Monitor
Receiver Height 3.9 in. 1.98 in.
old_sdc.string.Radio Tuner (Display) AM, FM, XM Ready AM, FM
Screen Pixels Not Specified 336960 pixels

Pioneer AVH-X5500BHS

The AVH-X5500BHS boasts GPS navigation, so you can get help with highway navigation. In addition, its 7-inch screen size lets you surround yourself with an expansive viewing area. You can access a host of different radio stations thanks to the AVH-X5500BHS's satellite radio. Furthermore, the AVH-X5500BHS features four channels, so you can power several speakers very effectively. Its 56 watt power rating helps you bring up the volume nice and high. Also, you can customize the tonal palette of your sound thanks to its equalizer. The AVH-X5500BHS boasts a remote, allowing you to let passengers control the video. What's more, the AVH-X5500BHS's surround sound helps you wrap yourself in great sound in all directions. Adjust the display easily thanks to its motorized display. Beyond that, it features Bluetooth, allowing you to play videos from your mobile devices. The AVH-X5500BHS's touchscreen helps you view and select options on the same screen.


The PLTS73FX features a 7-inch screen size, so you can view images comfortably without eyestrain. What's more, you can drive different speaker zones with good results thanks to its four channels. Its 320 watt power rating helps you pump up the sound level. Beyond that, the PLTS73FX boasts an equalizer, allowing you to suppress unwanted frequencies and boost desired ones. You can let your companions control video settings and selections thanks to the PLTS73FX's remote. In addition, its surround sound helps you fill your environment with immersive soundscapes. It features a motorized display, so you can slant the monitor where you need it. Furthermore, you can choose menu options with a simple finger touch thanks to the PLTS73FX's touchscreen.

Comparing the Pioneer AVH-X5500BHS Vs Pyle PLTS73FX

In general, the Pioneer AVH-X5500BHS edges out the competition. The AVH-X5500BHS has GPS navigation, so you can get from point A to point B much more easily. In addition, you can enjoy listening to a wider range of radio stations thanks to the AVH-X5500BHS's satellite radio. Furthermore, the AVH-X5500BHS's Bluetooth lets you pull video content from another device much more easily. On the other hand, the PLTS73FX has a 471% higher power rating, allowing you to enjoy great sound at louder volumes. In addition, the PLTS73FX does well with an equalizer, an ample screen size, and multiple channels. Therefore, the PLTS73FX is good for loud volume.

Buying On eBay

eBay is a great place to learn about Pioneer in-dash GPS and video units as well as Pyle in-dash GPS and video units since you can look for specific features using a keyword search or reach out to sellers via the "Ask a Question" feature. Take comfort in your purchase decision by considering eBay top-rated sellers who excel at satisfying their customers, shipping products promptly, and providing helpful information. Thanks to free shipping, you don't have to empty your wallet.
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