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Pioneer AVH-X2500BT Vs. Pioneer AVH-X3500BHS

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A lot of people understand that buying in-dash GPS and video units can often be scary. They find a plethora of options to sift through and each product has its own advantages. The Pioneer AVH-X2500BT and Pioneer AVH-X3500BHS are capable models for gear heads and car pool commuters alike. The AVH-X2500BT has a lot to offer, whereas the AVH-X3500BHS is also worth mention.
Pioneer AVH-X2500BT Pioneer AVH-X3500BHS
Features Pioneer AVH-X2500BT Pioneer AVH-X3500BHS
Remote Control included With Remote Control With Remote Control
Aspect Ratio 16:9 16:9
Touch Panel Screen With Touch Panel With Touch Panel
old_sdc.string.Input Connectors (Display) RGB x 1, AV x 1 Composite (Video) x 1, RGB x 1
old_sdc.string.Screen Aspect Ratio (Display) 16:9 16:09
Screen Size 6.1" 6.1"
old_sdc.string.Surround Sound Modes (Display) Not Specified Dolby Digital / AC3
Number Of Channels Not Specified 6 Channels
old_sdc.string.Radio Tuner (Display) Not Specified FM

Pioneer AVH-X2500BT

The AVH-X2500BT has GPS navigation, so you can navigate your surroundings. Furthermore, you can watch easily without being up close thanks to the AVH-X2500BT's 6.1-inch screen size. Its four channels help you drive several speakers with ease. In addition, it has an equalizer, so you can correct for uneven frequencies and dead spots. Give passengers control over video selections and options thanks to the AVH-X2500BT's remote. Moreover, the AVH-X2500BT's surround sound helps you encircle yourself with captivating sound effects. It has Bluetooth, so you can play video from almost any mobile device. What's more, you can view and select options on the same screen thanks to its touchscreen.

Pioneer AVH-X3500BHS

The AVH-X3500BHS has GPS navigation, allowing you to find the fastest way from point A to point B. In addition, you can have a great view from a distance thanks to the AVH-X3500BHS's 6.1-inch screen size. Its four channels let you power different speaker zones easily. Also, it sports an equalizer, so you can adjust the frequency spectrum to suit your tastes. Let your companions control the video thanks to the AVH-X3500BHS's remote. Beyond that, the AVH-X3500BHS's surround sound enables you to fill your listening area with immersive soundscapes. It has Bluetooth, so you can watch videos from compatible mobile devices. Furthermore, you can enjoy complete control at your fingertips thanks to its touchscreen.

Comparing the Pioneer AVH-X2500BT Vs Pioneer AVH-X3500BHS

The AVH-X2500BT and the AVH-X3500BHS are nip and tuck where features are concerned. Both models measure up with an ample screen size, an equalizer, and an easy to use touchscreen. The bottom line is, you won't go wrong with either one.

Buying On eBay

eBay is a great way to find Pioneer in-dash GPS and video units because you can explore similar items by category or look for specific features using a keyword search. Shop without worries when buying from top-rated eBay sellers who excel at earning positive feedback from buyers, answering questions, and satisfying their customers. With free shipping, there's no need to second guess.
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