Pioneer AVH-X1500DVD Vs. Pioneer AVH-X4500BT

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A lot of buyers find that buying in-dash GPS and video units is frequently agonizing. There are a huge number of alternatives to choose from and each offering has a specific set of features with distinct benefits. The Pioneer AVH-X1500DVD and Pioneer AVH-X4500BT are capable models for families and technology enthusiasts alike. The AVH-X1500DVD has a lot to offer, whereas the AVH-X4500BT deserves credit for its large screen size.
Pioneer AVH-X1500DVD Pioneer AVH-X4500BT
Features Pioneer AVH-X1500DVD Pioneer AVH-X4500BT
Remote Control included With Remote Control With Remote Control
Aspect Ratio 16:9 14:9 Enhanced
Touch Panel Screen With Touch Panel With Touch Panel
old_sdc.string.Input Connectors (Display) Composite (Video) x 1, RGB x 1, Audio Aux x 1 Composite (Video) x 1, Audio Aux x 1
old_sdc.string.Screen Aspect Ratio (Display) 16:9 14:9 Enhanced
Screen Size 6.1" 7"
Motorized Display Not Specified Motorized Monitor

Pioneer AVH-X1500DVD

The AVH-X1500DVD sports GPS navigation, so you can navigate through unfamiliar roads. In addition, you can enjoy a lush panoramic viewing area thanks to the AVH-X1500DVD's 6.1-inch screen size. Its four channels help you control several speakers with ease. Moreover, the AVH-X1500DVD features an equalizer, so you can suppress unwanted frequencies and boost desired ones. Allow passengers in the back to control video settings and selections thanks to its remote. Beyond that, the AVH-X1500DVD's touchscreen lets you enjoy complete control at your fingertips.

Pioneer AVH-X4500BT

The AVH-X4500BT sports GPS navigation, so you can get around annoying traffic jams. Plus, the AVH-X4500BT's 7-inch screen size helps you bask in wide format images. Make use of different speaker zones easily thanks to the AVH-X4500BT's four channels. Also, it features an equalizer, allowing you to adjust the timbre of your musical soundscape. Its remote helps you let your companions control all the video options. In addition, you can tilt the display very easily thanks to the AVH-X4500BT's motorized display. The AVH-X4500BT sports Bluetooth, allowing you to pull video content from compatible mobile devices. Furthermore, its touchscreen lets you navigate menu options effortlessly.

Comparing the Pioneer AVH-X1500DVD Vs Pioneer AVH-X4500BT

All in all, the Pioneer AVH-X4500BT has the upper hand. The AVH-X4500BT features a 15% larger screen size, so you can take advantage of a more expansive viewing area. Furthermore, you can tilt the screen better thanks to the AVH-X4500BT's motorized display. Moreover, its Bluetooth helps you play video from another device with less hassle. Not to be out-done however, the AVH-X1500DVD measures up with an equalizer, multiple channels, and a handy remote.

Buying On eBay

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