Pioneer AVH-X1500DVD Vs. Pioneer AVH-X3500BHS

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A lot of buyers recognize that selecting between in-dash GPS and video units is frequently a challenge. They find a vast number of models to compare and each model has its own twist. The Pioneer AVH-X1500DVD and Pioneer AVH-X3500BHS are both solid performers for gear heads and car pool commuters alike. The AVH-X1500DVD has much to recommend it, whereas the AVH-X3500BHS deserves credit for its Bluetooth.
Pioneer AVH-X1500DVD Pioneer AVH-X3500BHS
Features Pioneer AVH-X1500DVD Pioneer AVH-X3500BHS
Remote Control included With Remote Control With Remote Control
Aspect Ratio 16:9 16:9
Touch Panel Screen With Touch Panel With Touch Panel
old_sdc.string.Input Connectors (Display) Composite (Video) x 1, RGB x 1, Audio Aux x 1 Composite (Video) x 1, RGB x 1
old_sdc.string.Screen Aspect Ratio (Display) 16:9 16:09
Screen Size 6.1" 6.1"
old_sdc.string.Surround Sound Modes (Display) Not Specified Dolby Digital / AC3
Number Of Channels Not Specified 6 Channels
old_sdc.string.Radio Tuner (Display) Not Specified FM

Pioneer AVH-X1500DVD

The AVH-X1500DVD sports GPS navigation, allowing you to keep track of where you are. What's more, you can see everything clearly without eyestrain thanks to its 6.1-inch screen size. The AVH-X1500DVD's four channels enable you to make use of different speaker zones very effectively. Moreover, it has an equalizer, so you can customize the tonal palette of your sound. You can allow passengers in the back to control the video thanks to the AVH-X1500DVD's remote. Plus, its surround sound enables you to fill your environment with multi-dimensional sound. The AVH-X1500DVD sports a touchscreen, allowing you to enter and review information very easily.

Pioneer AVH-X3500BHS

The AVH-X3500BHS has GPS navigation, allowing you to find the fastest route through the streets. Also, you can relish a lush panoramic viewing area thanks to the AVH-X3500BHS's 6.1-inch screen size. The AVH-X3500BHS's four channels let you drive multiple speakers easily. Moreover, it features an equalizer, allowing you to correct for uneven frequencies and dead spots. You can let your companions control video settings and selections thanks to its remote. Plus, the AVH-X3500BHS's surround sound helps you treat yourself to immersive soundscapes. The AVH-X3500BHS has Bluetooth, so you can play video from a wide range of mobile devices. Beyond that, you can navigate menu options effortlessly thanks to its touchscreen.

Comparing the Pioneer AVH-X1500DVD Vs Pioneer AVH-X3500BHS

On average, the Pioneer AVH-X3500BHS leads by example. The AVH-X3500BHS features Bluetooth, so you can play videos from your mobile devices with greater ease. On the other hand, the AVH-X1500DVD matches up with surround sound, GPS navigation, and multiple channels.

Buying On eBay

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