Ping Dot System

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The Ping Dot system refers to the angle of the club head relative to the shaft (lie angle or sometimes referred to as offset) and is intended to help golfers select clubs which fit their specific height or stance.   Ping has a chart that provides a rule of thumb for selcting the dot color based on height and arm length but you're better off to go to an authorized Ping fitter and have them fit you to the correct color and shaft.   Clubs are a big investment.  You might as well get it right the first time.   Be warned though that Ping recently changed their color system to one that uses 3/4 degree increments rather than 1 degree increments.   For the most part the old and new colors are only .25 degrees apart and shouldn't make a significant difference, especially if you play like I do.   Just be careful you don't get a gold set when you want a yellow or a yellow when you really want gold.  

Color                  Old System                   New System

Maroon          5 degrees upright                4.5  degrees upright
Silver              4 degrees upright               3.75 degrees upright
White             3 degrees upright                3  degrees upright
Green             2 degrees upright                2.25 degrees upright
Yellow                  N/A                             1.5  degrees upright

Blue                1 degree upright                  .75 degrees upright
Black              standard lie                          standard lie
Red                1 degree flat                        .75 degrees flat

Purple                   N/A                             1.5 degrees flat
Orange           2 degrees flat                       2.25 degrees flat
Brown            3 degrees flat                      3 degrees flat
Gold               4 degrees flat                      3.75 degrees flat

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