Pier, Dock, or Shore Fishing With a Wireless Fishfinder

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New wireless technology brings the benefits of a fishfinder to the non-boater fisherman. The SmartCast Series of fishfinders by Humminbird combines a small portable battery operated display with a lightweight wireless transducer to reveal real-time views of fish, bottom, and structure up to 100 feet away. Now you can use marine electronics to fish from a pier, dock, bank, or tube float and gain a fishing advantage previously reserved for boat owners only.

The beauty of this system is that the transducer is a lightweight floating device which resembles a bobber. You cast the transducer to a spot you are interested in. The transducer transmits wirelessly back to your display providing you with information on fish and depth directly below the transducer. If you find nothing interesting there, just cast it to another spot.

Fishfinder Display: Rod Mount, Wrist Mount, or Stand-alone

The SmartCast Series offers 3 choices for viewing your fishfinder information.

  • Rod Mount: This small lightweight display mounts directly to your fishing rod. It puts the view of fish, depth, bottom structure, and surface temperature right in your line of sight with your rod and line. Move around all you want and the display is always right in front of you. This is the most popular display type.
  • Wrist Mount: The is a wrist watch type of display. It can also function as a regular watch. This display type is just as mobile as the rod mount. This type would be preferred by someone who makes frequent rod equipment changes.
  • Stand-Alone: This display closely resembles the classic fishfinder. The display is better than the rod or wrist mount displays in that is has 4-level grayscale and an illuminated screen for night fishing. While it is lightweight and portable, it is more suited for the more stationary fisherman. You can park your fishing chair at the end of the pier and set up this fishfinder.

Wireless Transducer: The Invention That Makes It All Work

The transducer sends down a sound wave in the shape of a cone. Think of an ice cream cone with the pointed end attached to your transducer and the open, round end, extending down into the water all the way to the bottom. Your fishfinder can only give you information on objects that are within the cone. The SmartCast transducer has a cone angle of 90 degrees, which is a very wide angle that covers a large area under the transducer. The transducer can identify fish and depths up to 100 feet.

Cast the transducer wherever you like to gain valuable information on what's below.

The transducer contains its own battery. It automatically turns on when it gets wet and powers off automatically when removed from the water. The battery life is about 400 hours of use. The battery is not replaceable. Replacement transducers are under $25.

The transducer has a blinking light that can be turned on for night fishing. It also has 2 transmitting frequencies which you can change. That way you and your fishing buddy can both use your own SmartCast transducers and not interfere with each other's data transmission.

The transducer can also be used as a bobber/float by attaching a lightweight hook and line below the transducer.

Have a Boat? You Can Use It Too!

You can use the SmartCast transducer to get information on places you can't or don't want to put your boat. You can anchor your boat and cast the transducer to likely hot spots.

You can also use the SmartCast transducer with some fixed mount Humminbird fishfinders. The 700 series, 900 series, and Matrix series of fishfinders are also compatible with the wireless transducer.

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