Photos of Fake VS Real Abercrombie Fierce cologne

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I bought plenty of this and I'm tired of it. So here you go. Now you can tell if what you got is real or fake. As you can see in the background in the photos of the real stuff, I  was at the Abercrombie store snaping photos. 
NOTE: if you are ever in doubt, go to the store and ask a store rep.  

This photo is of the real ingredients.
These photos are of the real package. Notice the way the fold is. NOTE: Every bottle in the store was EXACTLY the same.

Now for the fake photos.

This is the fake ingredients word for word. Compare the both. You will see they are different. Also note the plastic is very loose. Not like the real stuff.

This is how the fold is done on the fake bottle. You can see the plastic wrinkle where it was heated to be "sealed"

At the end of my invistigation the bottle inside the box was confirmed to be a fake.

Here is another post explaining how to tell if ur stuff is fake 
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