Perfume & Fragrance Oils Vs. Perfumes & Colognes

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What's the difference between oils and perfumes?

Perfume & Fragrance Oils   vs   Perfume & Colognes

Reasonably Priced   ...   Overpriced

Alcohol Free   ...   80-97% Alcohol

Long Lasting (6-15hrs)   ...   Not Long Lasting (1-3hrs)

Cleaner, richer, truer fragrance   ...   Harsh, overbearing, overpowering alcohol sent

Less likely to cause allergic reaction   ...   Highly probable of causing allergic reaction

Growing in popularity   ...   Too many "fakes" to watch out for

99.9% non-flammable   ...   Highly flammable

Perfume and colognes are composed of aromatic componds and fine fragrant oil extracts diluted in water and/or high-grade alcohol (which causes your fragrance to evaporate long before the day is over, unless you put on a large amount). The amount and type of these aromatic compounds determines the concentration or "strength" of the fragrance and the lasting power of the scent. What we offer at a fraction of the cost of expensive designer name brand perfumes and colognes are the undiluted fragrant oils. So you get the full strength and the longest possible lasting power.

To make your fragrance last longer with the regular perfumes and colognes you have to layer your fragrance by using the shower gel and/or body lotion of the same fragrance (costing you more money). With our oils apply once and smell good all day. There's no water or alcohol so it will not evaporate.

Because UndergroundCouture's fragrances are in pure form without alcholor fillers, you can expect a richer aroma than commercial forms... and one of the great benefits of using pure oil "just a drop or two is all you'll need" to retain your full, rich fragrance hour after hour (all day for most people).

Many people who thought they were allergic to perfume find they can wear fragrance oils without itching or sneezing... without red and puffy eyes - the allergic side affects most likely caused by alcohol and other fillers rather than the oils themselves.

If you want something special and uniquely yours, our Fragrance Team with more then 10+ years of combined experience in custom blending can create your own signature fragrance. Our master fragrance-professionals regulary create unique, premium quality, signature fragrances for our customers who just don't want to smell like everyone else. We currently have 3000+ UndergroundCouture original fragrances. - OR - If you want to wear your favorite designer type fragrances without the HIGH PRICES! our Designer Fragrance Oils are of the highest quality oil (check our feedback) and are highly concentrated. UndergroundCouture Fragrance Division has an extensive selection of pure fragrance body oils including every major designer fragrance type. We offer more then 1000+ Designer Type Fragrance Oils for men and women that smell like the original brand perfume and colognes at a fraction of the cost. UndergroundCouture has a reputation for having the finest designer fragrance type in our fragrance oils without alcohol or fillers of any kind.

Right from our beginning in 2004, UndergroundCouture's Mission has been to provide it's customers with the highest quality fragrance in pure fragance oils with no fillers, no alcohol ever.

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