Paypal Seller Protection Policy Issues!

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Greetings fellow ebayers!

This one is more for our fellow ebay sellers. Why should a seller not be covered under the paypal seller protection policy just because a buyer chooses not to confirm his/her account and/or delivery address? I don't understand this. Where is the incentive for the buyer to confirm? Everyone who uses a paypal account can and should confirm both their account and their delivery address. It's not hard, it's actually pretty quick & easy. Yet many don't?

We believe a seller should absolutely be covered under the seller protection policy if they receive a payment from someone who has not taken the time to confirm their account and/or address.

In this day & age of online shopping, there are many hazards to watch out for. But with some simple steps, such as confirming your account & address, online shopping can still be fun, easy, and very low-risk!

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Steve & Jen


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