Paypal Debit Card Requirements (qualifications)

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Most of you who are new to eBay and Paypal will notice while logged on to your Paypal account an invitation for you to apply for a Paypal debit account. The debit card will allow you to use it as you would a Mastercard credit card (as it has the logo on it) in stores and online. You would think that since they have put this on your screen while you are logged in that you qualify instantly for the debit card. After all, it is YOUR money. I searched in help and online to see if there were any requirements to obtain this convenient tool to utilize my Paypal fund and was not able to quickly find information so I applied and got an email after about 5 days. The email stated the requirement so here they are.

List of qualifying steps you may want to review before applying for the PayPal Debit Card

•       Upgrade to a Premier or Business PayPal Account

•       Confirm a bank account on your PayPal Account

•       Add a credit card and complete the Expanded Use Enrollment process if

•       PayPal Account must be open for 60 days

•       Must be 18 yrs of age

•       Be an active PayPal member in good standing

This will save the frustration of wondering when and if it will arrive in the mail.

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