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Paying for Insurance- Ebay's Buyer Protection Plan

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Here is another tip for buyers that I found out the hard way. I recently purchased a beautiful antique framed picture.  The picture was put in a box that was too small with very little packing material.  Needless to say it arrived smashed. I was terribly disappointed.  I contacted the seller and he sent me the insurance form. I took the box, packing material, broken picture and the insurance form to the post office and filed a claim. The post office denied the claim because the item was not properly packed and stated this in their letter to me. So lesson learned is that although you may pay for insurance, if the seller does not pack your item properly the post office can and mostly likely will deny your claim. Unfortunately the seller continues to blame the post office and has refused to refund the cost of this item to include shipping. The only other choice is to file a claim with Ebay. Additionally, if you do file a claim with Ebay and your item was less than $25.00 you are not eligible for any refund under their buyer protection plan. So basically you are out the money you spent unless you paid with PayPal and can file a claim with them.  

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